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Easy crochet beanie

SO, this is my first ever post. And of course i needed it to be about crochet, it cant be all boring about me? Surely not. Okay, i might add in a few things to keep this a bit of a interesting read but when you see a post about a pattern or an item, you kinda scroll down and get straight into it.

I started to crochet last year, (2016) around May or June, and as a beginner the easy stuff seems to fun and exciting, then once you’ve advanced all that boring simple crochet goes out of the window and you look for more challenging things to crochet. WELL, lets just say sometimes i quite enjoy a simple pattern. No honestly, i love going crazy and making mandalas or attempting a new technique (which never actually turns out well) but sometimes with the right yarn, a simple pattern looks a little bit magical. It’s even the same with borders, a simple sc around just makes it look neat and special.

Anyway, its cold and i have made a ton of hats but they didn’t turn out right or i didn’t lie the choice of colours. I also found that at the time of doing it, my heart wasn’t in it so a few of my hates have been rushed. WELL, i am sick of being cold and i went yarn shopping on a Saturday with my mother (as you do) and spotted this beautiful James C Brett Twinkle. Now i had seen it before when i previously went shopping for my main current project (pictures soon) but i didn’t know what i would do with it as i already have so much yarn. But you know, i thought this would be perfect. Its a black/grey sparkly yarn and its beautiful. The sparkles are all different when the light catches it, it doesn’t need much light though it shines on its own! Plenty of colours to choose from and i would say if you ever ordered this stuff online PLEASE don’t judge by the rubbish stock photos they use, its stunning. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the blues and grey.




Below is the link of the pattern i found to make this beanie from a blog called Persia Lou, i never came across her until recently as i am always looking for new crafty people to follow and gain inspiration from.

Simple slouch crochet hat      < CLICK and check it out!

I think i was trying to make a point somewhere, but i love this pattern. Its easy an simple and looks so good!

(I also used a 4mm hook as that’s what my yarn required so i did adjust this slightly but have fun!)






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