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Not exactly exciting…


I took it upon myself to start a weekly diary. I thought maybe daily but considering i lost my job two weeks ago, nothing exciting ever seems to happen to me now. Except the odd funny thing my cat does… Though i am pretty sure the time i spent at my ‘temp’ job, all the gossip and events that took place would make an interesting book, or even another blog series but for now, every Tuesday at some point during the day i’ll ramble for a while on this post.

This week for me has been an emotional one, its hard enough now not having a job but after its sunk in, the reality kind of hits me. The past year maybe two haven’t been easy for me, I’ve been in and out of temp work because i cant seem to get a permanent one.
Not because i have no experience, but certain areas of where i live don’t exactly thrive with jobs and when a 1000 people apply for that one you really want, your odds really suck.
So temping was my best bet but it’s totally messed up my finances, i owe money to the council and water bleugh it’s not where i wanted to be at 26 years old. This job i recently got let go of, i was kind of hoping it would last a lot longer. I was GOOD at what i did, without bragging. I helped my team when they needed it and it felt good. You know that the team i worked in, i am one of two that god the axe.
It breaks my heart because the excuse the gave us both was piss poor. Nobody else has gone, and what hurts me and upsets me even more is to think all of those great friends i made get to wake up everyday and go into the office, enjoy each others company and work hard and get paid. Not only am i missing out on gaining even more skill, but i lost huge opportunities and i am back to having no friends an no money.

I wont go into depth of my crappy situation, even though every now and again i can’t help but cry and sink into depression. I need to make light of it and find something better, somewhere that will appreciate me and not sack me because of a personal agenda.
That being said, it’s been two weeks and I’ve applied for around 45 jobs. I have had one interview which was unsuccessful and a lot of disappointing emails. What’s next? I’m running out of cash and i wont be able to pay my rent.
I guess i have used this weekly diary opportunity to release some emotions that i don’t think  i could to my boyfriend or those work colleagues because they don’t care. Its a sort of well we have jobs ner ner ner. Before i end my rant about losing my job I would like to thank the company for ruining my life, in sense they have. I won’t name them as that would seem childish and i suppose I’m hoping maybe someone who knew me would happen to see this and be like okay. I know it sounds totally stupid, it’s not like i can send a huge email to the CEO.

Apart from the depressing antics of the week, i have spent a lot more time crocheting, which i never got much chance over the past few months. Also, i have watched almost every season of Bates Motel in preparation of season 5.
I did also buy a few books, one being Misery by Stephen King. Even a new book light.

The best part of my week would happen to be the weekend, my boyfriends parents came over from Spain, he’s always been so close to his mum and it was nice to see them. We went out for a meal, ate and talked. During the day time on Saturday i met with my mum, we went yarn shopping and she got some new clothes work. Can’t deny a purchase when you see a sale!
Sad news is that my boyfriends nana is in hospital with a broken pelvis, so i am keeping positive thoughts and hoping she gets better as soon as possible.

I can’t say i have had an exciting week, I’ve been depressed and the days have just sort of flown by but i feel a little better, i think it will take some time to pick myself back up.
GOOD thing is i can make use of my slow cooker as i will have time to prep, cant ever ask my boyfriend to chop and prep a stew it’s like being at school all over again. He hates chopping, i really don’t know why men sometimes like to moan at the smallest things.
If it was the parents telling them to do this and that, it would be done in a second.

I am going to leave this as it is, it seems to be a bit of a mess. Wish me luck for Friday, i am attending a local jobs fair, hopefully someone will hire me! (Must not look desperate or say i am, even though i am?)

Thanks for stopping by, i’ll have more crochet things this week. If i get round to finishing everything i have!

#BeHappy 🙂 


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