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Ripple blanket


As i sit here eating my noodles and sip on my diet coke (I am trying to be healthy but today is Friday) i wonder when i will ever finish my current projects.

When i first started to Crochet, i only ever worked on one project at a time. I wanted to perfect my items and make sure i knew what i was doing. Now i have a ton of yarn i don’t know what to do with and projects coming out of my ears.

Following the Attic 24 pattern (Here is the link Attic 24 neat ripple) i thought i’d give this a try.
I previously did a lap blanket following her cupcake blanket pattern – Which i will upload and show off as it’s my favourite thing I’ve crocheted to date.
What i liked about it was you didn’t need to go by the yarn colours she uses, that includes her cosy stripe pattern as well.
I do love her taste in colours but if you are looking to get rid of some yarn, they are great patterns to get rid of that stash and its fun to mix and match and just be different!

So, luckily for me this blanket is a request. They wanted pinks and purples and well i had around 7 balls i could get rid of. (Which means i have room for 7 more brand new colours)
What makes me excited about this pattern is that its fun. It’s just one of those blankets where you cant wait to change colour and see the effect come into place. Even though this is called a ripple i call it wavy, though i do think you can adjust the pattern if you want a different shape but either way i think this makes it another popular blanket to make in the crochet world.
It’s perfect for kids and toddlers as you can get away with vibrant colours because of the shape. Though it’s suitable for any age! I’ve seen some beautiful ripple blankets, and i can’t wait to make more. I like to name my items, so i will have to think of something for this blanket!

I shall post an update once i have completed this, hopefully i will have done it by next week. Along with some of my other blankets that need to be finished.

In case you missed the link for attic 24 here it is again;

Attic 24 Ripple

Happy Friday! Stay safe and have a great weekend : )


Stash busting those pinks and purples!




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