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The Peacock blanket



I think i mentioned in my previous blog that i like to create names for my blankets. Or at least try.
The Peacock blanket is one of my favourite creations to date. I can’t believe how far I’ve come with my crocheting.
Last year i started this hobby after meeting a lady who volunteered with me at the PDSA charity shop. She showed me some of her blankets she would make for friends babies and i was amazed. I didn’t know much about crochet, in fact i hadn’t really heard about it until i came across someones You tube channel whilst looking for hand sewn pillow tutorials.
I sat and watched and it truly fascinated me, especially with only using one hook!

A few weeks went by and i took it upon myself to by some yarn and hooks, buying all the wrong things i struggled to figure this out. Of course the lady at the shop would say things like well if you can do it, its not for everyone. No! I was determined to perfect this, and if am being honest i did have a little cry about not being able to figure out just a basic stitch such as the Treble.

One night i did it, and i was cheering. Yes i literally cheered and showed my boyfriend i could actually do it.

Now i am here, creating things i never thought were possible.
I have only been doing it for one year, and would never take a higher title. I still class my self as a beginner, purely because i have seen so much beautiful work from people who have been doing it for a long time. I love sitting and browsing through the Facebook crochet groups and looking at peoples work. I make lists of colours and things i would like to make. It really is a beautiful thing, and i still have a lot more to learn.

One day i was asked to make a blanket for my auntie to keep her legs warm whilst in her wheelchair or just sitting around, relaxing. I was sick and tired of doing simple blankets or stressing myself out about whether or not i should try something else.
I looked at my boxes of yarn and i found some colours that i started to use for something else, it had been put aside as i really did not like the pattern.
As always, i went and browsed the Facebook groups. Cosy strip by Attic 24 is always a popular choice, so i went onto her blog and had a look.
Of course the blanket looked so difficult and so many colours has been used it all looked a bit baffling, but once i read the pattern and figured out i didn’t need as much yarn to make a lapgan i was good to go…. But wait, i looked to the left of her blog and saw something else. Cupcake stripe blanket
It was just as perfect as the cosy stripe, so i made some notes (in my secret crochet book where i jot down patterns in case i need to alter for personal use) of her pattern and grabbed those colours that seemed out of place and went for it.

I chose 5 colours and i chained in multiples of 3, i think i did just over 180.
People have asked me what my shades are and i honestly can’t remember, but i am thinking about going to my local yarn shop and scoping out my colours to get the shades for you guys! Who knows, maybe in the future i’ll be lucky enough to have my own release of yarn packs?!

So here is the Peacock blanket. The colours are an usual mixture, but i think it looks just right. I am so proud of this and i hope you all enjoy ❤


(Please remember the peacock blanket is my own and that if you wish to make this blanket using the Attic 24 pattern and name it the peacock don’t forget to credit the pattern designer and myself as i would hate for someone to take away something i am so proud of.)

Here is the pattern > Cupcake stripe blanket – Attic 24



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