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Simple crochet coasters

So I know I was making a sea coast blanket. Yeah well I’ve frogged the lot of it. I hate it, so I felt quite deflated.  Not all ideas work and I  should of really planned it better and did swatches of all the colours together. So no blanket I’m afraid. 
Any who,  I sat looking at my stash and I still had some drops cotton left from a huge buy last year from cotton pod.

I have this square coffee table it’s not so big but I’m sick of my boyfriend placing his drinks on the floor and I also leave tea rings and I thought I’ll make some coasters. 

Now the reason why I picked cotton is that it’s great to work with but perfect for washing, you can treat it as though your washing a cotton t shirt. I really love drops and I want to just buy more now!! 

I have plenty of cotton left and I have no idea what to make with it, maybe a place mat for the centre of the table as it really isn’t that big. 

Here is the website I found the pattern > crochet coasters

They are super easy and fun and really aren’t that time consuming. 

Have a great weekend! 


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