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Weekly diary 3

Well hello, feel free to enjoy the picture of clouds I took from my flat window.  Alright view for the 3rd floor.

So what’s happening? 4 weeks of unemployment. I had a job interview today, been called back for a trial on Thursday. Unsure of pay and realised I should of asked.  9-5 hours so can’t complain… Fingers crossed! I was kind of hoping I would find something part time to fit in my crochet & other plans I have but I need to get some money in place so I can move into a house. Hopefully by March, I have my mum who said would help with a deposit If I’m struggling.  I can’t cope with not having real heating, I have mould and damp in the spare bedroom, BUT touch wood after I got some super expensive bug shit I’ve not had any since….also my washer smells. 

I’ve been planning all week for something that will take while.  I want my own yarn store, I’m not sure locally or online but Its all idea I can think about! Business rates in my area are expensive which sucks. So back to the drawing board. I also need to set up a more efficient Facebook page for my crochet. My last one I rarely bothered with, now I have my blog to promote.

Also Ive been writing more drafts for a story time, the reason it’s not happened yet is because I want this to be serious and on going for the future. Weird I know but I’m a perfectionist. 

In other news, local MP parties are campaigning to get a seat in parliament. I’m bloody sick of them knocking on my door and posting shitty leaflets, honestly politics is the least of my worries. Am I wrong in not caring about it? meh…..Which also means I have to vote on the 23rd. 

Oh I’m also trying to diet, so I’m budgeting this week and heading down to my local market for stuff.  I expect change.

OH MY how could I forget…. huge plastic warehouse set on fire. Wow it was so bad. It was about a mile from my flats could see the toxic smoke from our window. People were advised to stay in doors the usual. My mum had a boring day at work because her place was pretty close. What makes it exciting is that people are assuming it was an insurance job, something dodgy with the company. They hadn’t paid staff since October and I don’t think they had a licence blah blah. I love theories.

It’s been a nice week, quite positive. Crocheting alot and keeping myself occupied. For now here is a picture of some more clouds!!!

Have a great week, stay safe. 🙂 


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