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70’s inspired granny blanket

I know what your thinking, it isn’t a 100% 70’s.

My mood just lately has either been pastel shades or retro and 70’s. After my complete fail of a sea coast blanket I looked at my boxes of stash and saw this bright green. I got it last year from a UK store called pound stretcher and was used to make a multi coloured sock monkey for a friend. I then saw the left over yarns from my bundles purchased from the Bella Coco store. I love the orange and burnt mustard colour and I combined all of these and thought okay granny square continuous, easy and quick.

This is for myself, I love usual colours and I can’t help but think of this blanket sitting on a mocha leather sofa in someone’s home in the 70’s. I have a name for it, but I won’t reveal til I’ve completed.

Also I have every shade available to list once it’s done including the bright green.

Back to the granny square. I’ve never actually been a huge fan, I made a baby blanket in drops cotton last year and it looked really nice. I think I just loath the pattern when I see colours I don’t like but everyone has different taste and I’m pretty sure people will look at the colours I’ve picked and puked a little. BUT I like to be different and sometimes my mood needs to be a little edgy.

A granny square is quite easy to do if your a pro and it took me a long time to grasp it, if you want to try the granny square then I suggest clicking this link > Bella Coco – Granny square tutorial

Bella Coco aka sarah Jayne she’s amazing. Her videos are so easy to follow and I managed to master the granny square by watching this video Atleast 100 times. (slow learner)

Hopefully this blanket will be done by the end of the week mane start of next week as I still have the wavy blanket to finish.

For now, happy crocheting! Have a great week & stay safe.


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