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Super easy baby blanket! – beginner friendly.

I would like to say sorry for not posting as much as I should.  Not that it matters as I doubt many read but I’ve been a little busy with my crochet projects and been trying to get them done. I’ve also been feeling a little bit low and have just need to take it easy.

So, here is a past project for you guys and this is a very simple baby blanket that can be adjusted in any way. All I did for this was TR and DC. The pattern is in US terms. But its not hard to follow as it’s using the basic stitches which means it’s perfect for a beginner! 

I chained about 92 – chain in an even number.  Now I used DK yarn so if you were to use a chunky yarn chain less. But its up to you how many chains you do, I have an issue with making blankets bigger than what they should be. The pattern uses a chunkier yarn so she chain less than I did.

This blanket you can do whatever colour, you could do a mixture and add wharever border you wish. Because of the simplicity it’s so versatile.

Here is the blanket pattern > easy baby blanket

Hooe you guys enjoy! Have a great weekend and stay safe.


2 thoughts on “Super easy baby blanket! – beginner friendly.”

  1. I read your posts 🙂 I have the same problem with making everything too big! I follow the pattern but then I think, oh that’s not big enough so I add a few more rows or chains and then it’s always way too big! I’m currently tearing apart a bedspread I made a few years ago that I’m finally admitting to myself that it could cover 2 king size beds – I promised myself after I pull it apart that I would make 2 blankets that are normal people size! LOL


    1. Yesssss!!!! That’s exactly what I do 😅 especially baby blankets they never seem big enough and then when you look at how quick babies grow lol. Go big or go home 😆
      Oh wow how long will that
      take to pull apart haha. Would love to see it split into two after you’ve done it. I get annoyed frogging a few rows 😅😅 can’t imagine your pile of yarn lol

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