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Crochet messy bun hat!

It’s Sunday and I was determined to crochet something that didnt take very long. I’ve been a little bored of my blankets and I wanted to pace myself with my 70’s one as I don’t want it to end. 

So ive jumped on the messy bun hat band wagon. It’s certainly not too late as winds and cold weather seem to of picked up over the weekend. I have even heard that we will have snow! 

This was super easy to make and rarely needed the pattern (which I will link) to follow.  I mainly used it for the large bow and how to incoprate a hair tie in the design. 

If you can make a basic beanie then you can for sure wip this up. Though adding a hair tie is optional and the pattern is flexible enough for you to make adjustments to the starting chain and so forth.

I managed to make this in about 45 minutes and then a few extra minutes making the bow and sewing. 

I am really sorry for the poor lighting, it’s night here and so I had no choice but to use the bathroom to help!

Here is the link to this pattern incase you need a guide.

messy bun hat with a bow
Have fun making this and would love to see different combinations. 

Happy Sunday and stay safe! 🙂


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