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Crochet headband – free pattern

So after the messy bun hat I though I need a headband.  I actually don’t need one as I only ever rarely wear them in the house when my hair looks messy. BUT I want to be one of those people that can totally rock headbands all year round.

This little headhand is too big for my head so I will have another go at some point in the week but it didn’t take long and a pretty quick project which is great!

No pattern needed for this as it’s a sort of wing it and it’s VERY basic. You could do any stitch you wanted and have a good play with technique. 

I used HTR as I am pretty much obsessed with this stitch. It’s my most used and I just love it!

Here’s what I did below:

what you’ll need:

Bulky yarn and 6.5mm hook (or any hook/yarn you prefer)

This is in UK terms

Scissors and a needle.

Stitches used:

Ss – slip stitch

HTR – half treble crochet 

Ch – chain 

St – stitch

BLO – back loops only 

Using stylecraft chunky (a random ball I found in my box) and a 6.6mm hook. This yarn requires a 5mm but I went for bigger as I found the chain was too tight, which will also have something to do with beginning chains. 

1. ch 48 – This amount is entirely your preference as every head is different. I suggest measuring circumference etc and then measure chain.

(But I literally chained and ss and then tried it on my head lol. )

Ss chain to create a ring, don’t twist the chain.

2. Ch1 HTR in each first stitch and each st around. ss into first HTR 

3. working in blo – ch1, HTR in first st and each st around. ss into first HTR

4. repeat steps 2&3 until desired width. finish off cut yarn

**Now I did 3 of each row, I wanted to make it thicker like an ear warmer headband but I was running out of what’s left of my yarn. **

5. Using a fair sized piece of yarn, wrap yarn around the centre of head band.  – **the exact point should be where you joined on each round. 

Once completed weave in ends and and boom! 

This is such a versatile project you don’t even need to think about it. You can make it into a bow, or not tie in the middle and add a separate bow instead. You could do bobble stitch ANYTHING!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this really easy project! be sure to share your creations.

Have a great day wherever you are & stay safe 🙂 


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