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Mermaid tail – crochet throwback 

Well guys I have no current completed projects to show you. which is quite bad, as this means I’m so behind. 

I spent yesterday relaxing and taking a break from it all and ended up playing Skyrim til late. I haven’t played a game all day like that since I was 20!! 

This brings me to post a throwback. I’m pretty sure crafters, knitters, crocheters and basically anyone who follows trends remembers how popular mermaid tails were last year. I mean they were everywhere! 

I jumped on the trend, I can’t say that I was even or am now fan of these. The more I look and see them I dislike them! It didn’t help that everyone wanted one and if I’m honest I only ever made the one. Which has gone to a lovely home! I didn’t even charge the price I should of as I wanted rid. 

Now for this pattern I paid for from someones Etsy store. Her pattern was a lot more larger and because I used James C Brett marble chunky which only uses a 5mm hook I had to adjust how many tr in magic ring I did.  

Everyone was telling me to follow a few videos on youtube blah blah and because I hate following the crowd (already doing that by making one of these things) I had someone point me to an etsy shop.

Her pattern is so easy!!! it’s basically tr/dc – And what I did like about the pattern is that it wasn’t a full sack blanket.  It sorta had a foot pouch which you could make as big or small. You pretty much could do whatever you liked to this pattern to suit your needs which is what we need!

I hate patterns that over complicate things when it could be so simple. 

Anyways, here is the store > mermaid tail


Sorry about the capitals but I’ve been noticing so much fake patterns and people buying them and putting them out for free, it kind of pisses me off. I don’t discourage using free patterns as they are around to use and heck I’ve used so many! but just be considerate.

So anyway here is the link again incase you scrolled past > mermaid

I hope you enjoy making these more than i. I think the trend has quietened down slightly but then again I avoid these things like the plague!!!

Have a great evening wherever you are and stay safe 🙂 


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