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Easter chick and egg

Firstly I’d like to say that his is one angry chick. And looks nothing like the pattern (hatching easter chick pattern) I’ll explain why – I can’t do tapestry eyes or bloody noses to save my life. So I winged the face, then when I did the little wings they came undone. At this point I just sewed the winhs on and gave him the name “ugly easter chick” – Essentially he will grow into a ugly duckling and that’s how the story goes. 

I usually enjoy making amigurumi but this was fiddly for me as I don’t make stuff like this all the time. I have no issues doing bigger soft toys but I really seem to dislike smaller makes.

That being said, this was really simple and quick to make. I made him a little fatter than he should be because I used a 2.5mm hook but the pattern does say to go down 0.5mm if your using acrylic yarn – I used Stylecraft special dk. 

For the shell I used a 3.5mm hook due to my chick being fatter. I think because of it working in rounds and sc stitch this can be adjusted and no doubt turned into a big one! 

These are perfect if you have kids and make easter egg boxes or baskets  etc for school. Which I remember doing as as kid – we would have a shoe box some boiled eggs and decorate them for easter. Each class at school would bring them in and a winner gets picked. Things have changed now, they make easter bonnets and all sorts. 

If your looking for something for your kids during easter and any school events these would be perfect. 

Here is the link to where I found the pattern (I did post it further up) > Hatching easter chick
Hope you have a great Sunday! I have a chicken in the slow cooker for a Sunday dinner later. Though the smell is making me very hungry!

Chow for now xoxo


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