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70’s love child blanket – COMPLETED

IT’S FINALLY DONE! Actually I don’t think it’s taken that long? seeing as I haven’t done any of it for a while up until this week. 

It’s safe to say that it love it. I know it’s a little bit loud with the colours but I like to be different. I can only take so much pastel and pinks or boring bloody colours – it’s not me! So I opted to do something that reminded me of the 70’s even though I’m actually a 90’s baby. 

I’ve loved the 70’s for a long time. The fashion especially – colour schemes back then we’re not prissy or barbie. Now if you ever look into granny squares or anything regarding granny in crochet it does actually link up with the 70’s – which doesn’t actually surprise me.

Back to the blanket, I love it. I love how random the colours actuallyctuallyre.  I sat for long time thinking of a blanket and putting together yarn and doing all these different stitches. I looked at this bright green and mustard shade then a light bulb hit me. So I went for it, used up a lot of Stylecraft that I bought a while back.  Which I intended on using for other things but the thought of those projects made me feel sick LOL!
Here’s the interesting crap that I promised. What colours did I use??? 

Okay so we have Stylecraft special dk: Mustard, Spice, Violet, Mocha, silver

The blue was called Denim and it’d Hayfield bonus dk 

The random bright green was from a UK store called Pound stretcher and it’s just called bright colours and I didn’t realise but it’s actually 150g and only cost 1.99

The blanket itself I didn’t do a huge border I just went around with a sc (dc) I may continue to do this with the rest of the colours to widen it. This is just a continued granny square which is quite quick at working up and really fun to do if you fancy a change!

It currently measures at 40×40″ which is strange as when it’s on my lap it’s really quite big and I haven’t washed or blocked it yet. I think if I laid it out properly it wold measure probably around 50″ 

If you need help on how to do a granny square I have this video by Bella Coco – How to crochet a Granny square

Funnily enough this isn’t the video I used to teach me but I couldn’t find it and Bella Coco is just as good. 

So finally something I’ve completed and I love. I am going to finish Mr Fox by this evening so I should have him ready by tomorrow!

Have a great day and stay safe! xoxo


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