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Mr fox amigurumi – completed 

Mr fox is done! I finished this little chap last night.  Oh I went in on him for 6 hours – I only had to do the legs, arms and tail and it took that long. BUT I did stop take breaks, had to also stuff and sew the things on. I also get distracted by Facebook!  

So in all honesty I like this pattern. In fact I think I like amigurumi abit more now. You know what’s loveable? The fact you only need to know basic stitches. It still amazes me when I head over to Pinterest for ideas and I’m like wow a sc stitch can create some amazing things!

The cons of this is that a start of a round will say magic circle (6) which if your a beginner you probably will get confused to as how many you need to do in your magic circle – The numbers in brackets tend to be what stitches you should have, but it’s not rocket science if you can read patterns and figure that you need to do 6 sc in the magic circle. So that’s just a little pointer for anyone that is totally new to crocheting and reading patterns. 

(I really didn’t like my toy stuffing that I have as it seems to just stick to my fox and I’ve had to pick away at litter fibers. It was all over my clothes after i finished.)
PROS well as per it’s adjustable. so I did make some changes to the stuffing and didn’t stuff as much in the body parts as I wanted my guy to flop a bit – I also did straightish lines for his eyes as I am a dark evil person and wanted my fox to look serious rather than smiley face things for eyes. On the other hand if you have any safety eyes they would totally work.

As per I was using dk yarn (stylecraft: spice, white, and erm brown???) so always go down 0.5mm on your hook if you are using dk. Again as always i didn’t so he probably turned out bigger but you know what? I really don’t care any bout how accurate my projects turn out from patterns.

I like mine to look a little bit different because then I know I have made it! 

So he’s finally done, follow this link for the pattern > Sleepy fox amigurumi pattern

IF you are unsure of how to do a magic circle, follow this youtube video > Bella coco magic circle

Funnily enough I don’t do mine this way haha but if you struggle youtube has lots of videos on this. If you still can’t grasp it, chain 2 and slip stitch to your first making a small circle and sc your count into that centre. Some chain 4 it’s upto you.
That’s at all for now, my yarn came today from my yarn swapper partner so I am just looking at all of the glory and figuring out what’s next. We also have a crazy storm today called Doris so I won’t be leaving the house at all as the winds are really severe.

Happy thursday? I think ha, stay safe xoxo


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