Designing crochet patterns.

No crochet project to share today as the one I started yesterday afternoon won’t be finished for a few days – Just got more toy stuffing and safety eyes so take a guess. 

I didn’t post yesterday as I was having a lazy day and wanted to be 100% sure of what I wanted to crochet next. I’m still not giving anything away.

I’ve also been planning a design for my own crochet pattern which hopefully I’ll be releasing to sell on Ravelry, possibly Etsy.

My mum treated me to some yarn a week ago and I’ve got some lovely neutral colours BUT ALSO RETRO 70 COLOURS. Yes I’m obsessed with the 70’s and made sure all my yarn was for projects in mind. – not sure what to do with the neutral pastel shades but my pattern I’m designing is screaming retro. 

Its going to be a blanket with possibly a matching pillow case – not a sleepy pillow case one of those throw/show. 

Ahhhh so I’m being mentally challenged at the moment. My mum who’s being working crazy hours bought a pooh bear collection pattern and wanted to do winnie the pooh but she won’t have time so she’s asked me to do it for her. I have said yes so that’s another on my to do list. – it’s also mothers day next month here in the UK so it will be nice for her.

AND one more thing. I sliced my finger opening a tin last night so I had to put the crochet hook down. I cleaned it and put a plaster but woke up today with dots of fresh blood so I’ve had to go out and get some proper dressing and cream. It’s not a huge cut in length but it’s deep – not deep enough for stitches. I get paranoid about things, part of my anxiety so I had to convince myself I wasn’t going to get it infected and die. 

True story, a local man worked in a warehouse. Had a small cut on his elbow – it got infected which he didn’t know he had a cut and he became ill and died because it was too late. The infection had spread now I’m talking about a inch cut. 

Stuff like this doesn’t help my anxiety and paranoia so I’m going to look after it. 

This all sound silly and quite embarrassingactually but it’s me.

Hope you have a great weekend, I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll have a update on my current project if not Monday. 

Stay safe! 

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Hey! I'm a 27 year old blogger, crafter, writer, cat lover and what ever else. I currently live with my boyfriend and cat in Stoke on Trent UK. I am currently writing a sci-fi novel and my passion for writing grows more more each day. I hope to be a published author and not sit on my work for years to come. I also spend a lot of time trying new crafts rather than perfecting just a few, but i love to get stuck in and try new things! You will find all sorts of hobbies on my blog, including snippets of writing!

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