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Weekly diary 6 – I think?


It’s that time again for me to ramble on and i quite enjoy it! So what have we got?  It’s the 28th of February already and i’m still struggling to remember that it’s 2017. Two months have gone by so quickly and nothings been achieved for me and my crochet as planning takes a long  time.

What i can say my Etsy store is up and running but i haven’t listed anything as of yet – I may want to keep my Etsy as just a way to market my name when purchasing. I know that sounds bad but i feel as though it’s a difficult place to start off and with so much handmade and craft its quite competitive. I will however consider using this as well to sell my patterns – Which the designing has been put on hold for the time being.
I don’t want it to take up most of my day as i still have a few projects that i want to complete and i can fully commit myself. That being said, the pattern i was writing for my retro colour yarn i wont be doing. I’ve just decided to make a ton of diamonds – So watch this space.

In other news, if you have noticed the picture at the top i have just started to read this book. I’ve had it for over a few weeks now maybe longer and i really wanted to get into it. So last night i read a few pages, i love Tolkien and it’s been a while since I’ve read any of his books and so it took me a while to grasp his style. I am excited though to read this as a huge Lord of the rings fan. I do believe i want to buy the other books of his the middle earth collection i think its like 12 books? But i need to commit to reading all of my books ive purchased within the last 6 months. Its alot, i think i have an addiction to buying books and then just not reading them. That being said, even though i have continued to buy i have a shit load of ones that i haven’t read since moving into this flat. Think i may have a mini library. I am running out of room to store stuff, not just books but yarn and everything else.

Let me just say, i hope this isn’t just me but you know when you do a big spring clean and a huge clear of stuff – Why is it a month later more stuff appears? Honestly, whats annoying is i struggle to find a pair of socks or enough hangers for my clothes and all the must have things disappear but random junk like paper always piles up. Seriously! i have about 2 or drawers full of paper. Bills, letters, christmas cards, random crap. I can’t cope!

So this week, i promise myself i will slowly sort out each room and throw out crap – I need to do it as i said i think last week we are planning on finally moving so yeah.

It’s been a good productive week, i did have some low days. Mainly because i don’t have many or if any friends. I really don’t. I must spend 99% of my time alone in the other room doing my own thing whilst my boyfriend does his, which is perfectly fine but in regards to conversation with people its quite low.
I have people on social media, sure it’s people from school and who i have met over the years but they aren’t friends. I get the odd comment or like on my posts and once in a blue moon i will meet up with a friend but that’s about it. I got really sad as i really thought about how lonely i actually am… The only two people i speak to are my mother and boyfriend.
I cant remember the last time i got invited out for a girls night and have drinks and fun. I do have the people i met from work message me every now and again to meet up and go out but in reality i have no social life.
I see all the people i used to go out with doing all the things i want to do regularly – Ladies that lunch, random trips out for ice cream or something stupid. I don’t do much with my boyfriend either, something has fizzled and that makes me sad. No lets go do this tonight, most of the time i have to beg him to  come chill and watch films and I’m lucky i get that.
Sometimes it’s not even about going out, where are my friends who want to message me daily and talk? I have thought i should be the one to make the effort and totally i should, and i have and sometimes i get things like message you back in a bit I’m just in the middle of something and i am okay with that because we have lives but it can be like 4 days and i wont hear anything. Which makes me wonder that i care more than others care about me.

I saw something on FB that made me upset and i won’t say what but i didn’t get invited – I always seem to be someone that’s a last resort. When no mother fucker can do what you want, they see my name oh yeah ill just drop this person a line.  It doesn’t help that i no longer have anything in common as most of the people i know have kids, and for some reason mothers tend to hang around with other mothers and i can’t help that i don’t have children i can show off.
I also stopped speaking to a lot of family, which in all honesty this was my idea – I can’t say why i did it but at the time i was a bit upset with how someone close to my mum was treating her and i thought at that moment i should just delete that part of the family incase arguments and drama happened or things got awkward. I don’t like explaining why this person or that person aren’t speaking so i got scared and thought that i would be hated and my mum would also. Which i guess my anxiety plays a huge part in that as when i think about it, i shouldn’t of gotten myself upset and made decisions based on those feelings. I don’t know if i ever will speak to them again as i am quite stubborn and i hate saying sorry and explaining why. I feel like i shut the wrong people out, when i should of cut out those that were making me sad.

I still have hope that this year will be my year and i will be a lot happier – and i have been happier this week. It’s just little things we reflect on that made me sad. I have my hobby to keep me busy and make me happy.

Okay, so i mentioned before that i was thinking about setting up a shop – Online. I’ve been trying to figure out how on earth i would keep up with orders? SO would a waiting list work? But then i think people would get tired of waiting and then i thought about slots, I know what i am saying is quite confusing but i understand what i am trying to do which is most important. Though it may of been done before so i need to market research – OH i did some research on Etsy, was curious as to how much some people sell stuff and no joke, a very popular person on my Instagram was selling a blanket for like 145 i think the most expensive one i saw was 245. – So this is my next question are people willing to spend that much on hand crafted items?

PLEASE HELP ME – If anyone reads this all, let me know if your a crafter how much you price? Or if you are a buyer what does your price range tend to be? I know rule of supplies + time blah blah  – Some people don’t like to charge that much and some do. So yes please let me know.

& with that i will leave it here. I have taken some pictures of diamonds for tomorrows blog so i am all prepared!
Have great afternoon where ever you are, stay safe 🙂 xoxo


8 thoughts on “Weekly diary 6 – I think?”

  1. Etsy seems like it is very competitive – last week I was curious and searched crocheted hats – and there were hundreds of thousands of them! I do not have an etsy shop and probably never will, but if I did I would try to find a niche item to make – like plushies – that has less competition and maybe something that isn’t seasonal – hand crocheted shawls for brides, hip belts for belly dancers (that’s what I would make) or something else that is unique. You’ll think of something clever I’m sure!! And – screw those mean people that are not really your friends – I have stopped talking to everyone that only wanted to complain or say mean things about other people or were just plain negative and I am so much happier without them. 🙂

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    1. Exactly! They say it’s the best place to sell stuff and like you say absolutely hundreds of the same items. How can peoole narrow down what they want because they’ll just pick something off the first page. Plushies sound the best option and bridal shawls! Wow never even gave them a though. Thank you 🙂 and good for you on cleaning out the bad! We don’t need them bad vibes 😅

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      1. I like my dogs best! Oh and hubby & children are pretty okay too. Are there any craft fairs near where you live? Or consignment stores? Or get some business cards and flyers to advertise made to order things and drop them around town.

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      2. Haha dogs are the bestest friends! I have a site where I can check for craft fairs I think a few will be upcoming soon with spring and easter, what’s a consignment store LOL will look into flyers and cards think vista print do so many for free yay


      3. In the US there are stores where you give the shop owner your items then they sell them in their store and keep a percentage of the sale price. Vista Print is a good site for getting cards! Get a baby buggy and fill it up with plushies and stroll around the park selling them LOL – be creative with selling!!

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      4. Ohhhh I don’t know if we have them type of shops but I could do some research. Hahaahaha I don’t know if people would think I was a little bit crazy but it’s a good way to sale 😅


  2. I haven’t sold any blankets or afghans on Etsy, but I know they do sell for quite a bit. Personally, I sell crocheted plushies and my most expensive one is like $50. My husband says to base your price off of whatever your city’s minimum wage is so, at the time, ours was $10/hr so I tried to time myself making these things and would take that into account. Just remember that people buy EVERYTHING on Etsy – there is always something for someone! 🙂

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