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Crochet Diamonds

Nasty practice yarn – Don’t throw away the crap, keep it for trying out new techniques!

You know before we start, i am getting lazy at taking pictures – I am though investing in some of those daylight light bulbs. I hate how my bedroom doesn’t get the right lighting and especially since my left curtain doesn’t open properly.

Anyway, it’s almost midnight and I’m planning this post so i have some time to do things tomorrow. Also, because I’ve been doing so much i think i might get into the routine of doing this. My minds been running wild with ideas and crocheting that i just cant stop.

So i don’t know if anyone remembers me saying i was designing a pattern and i was going to use some yarn that has this retro 70’s vibe – (Yeah i am currently stuck in the 70’s and i don’t care because i love it.) Well i am still designing a pattern, it does take a while and i just don’t have the patience. I mean i have the patience but i want to do something with this bloody yarn! I’ve been sitting on some ideas for a few weeks now, i was thinking the Harlequin stitch or  the Harlequin diamond blanket, then i thought about more shapes. I was swerving into the geometric point of view & then granny squares came to mind but i did a lap granny blanket (one big one) so then i got distracted. Google images and Pinterest helped me decide. Then i went back into the diamond idea, as much as i wanted to go for the Harlequin diamond, though who ever gave it that name is beyond me! I think it should just be diamonds stitched together or something! I did try this concept of diamond and in all fairness, i am a quick crocheter and i just thought this was too much of an effort just to make a shape. – I don’t know if that’s just my lazy mind and i couldn’t be bothered at the time.



WELL hours went by and i went onto Youtube and of course the brilliant Bella Coc0 (Sarah Jayne) popped up and i saw this granny diamond. Well that was it, played the video got my practice yarn which is the one in the top picture and did it. Only took about 5 minutes as once she explained the first two rows i was away doing thing.

What i like about these diamonds is that they are crazy quick, i really do think they are quicker than a square. I think it’s because you only have to points to work rather than 4 corners! I usually suck at trying shapes out as the granny square took me a LONG time to master – So this was refreshing as i managed to do it with out watching the full video.

image source

(I know i am shoving retro down your throat but i freaking love it!! I assure you that at least 2 rooms of my house (when i move) will be 70’s – You will feel like going back into time! )


The only thing about the granny diamond is that, well i didn’t end up with sharp points. BUT once it’s blocked it looks amazing – I have blocked one but forgot to take a picture and right now i don’t feel like sifting through my wips and yarn! So take my word for it πŸ˜‰
Though i kind of  like the not so sharpness of the diamond, also i think once you join these badboys they will straighten out so i don’t think it really matters but hey ho.

So, i used a 4mm hook and style craft special DK – Spice, Copper & Mustard are the colours.
I really want to name this blanket or set some kind of tone and do it in all different styles. So example ‘retrospective diamond blanket, retrospective cosy stripe, retrospective chevron… You get the idea?

Do you get a retro vibe?


VIDEO TUTORIAL USED: Bella Coco – Crochet diamond


The lighting isn’t brilliant as its night time and you know what i am not a pro blogger ha! I love these colours, i searched for hours online for 70’s colour palettes and these ones caught me eye. I also have some black & cream that i might use – I am thinking black to join and maybe a few not too many cream diamonds. Finishing with a simple black border, all might change! I do have some other stylecraft shades that i got with that large order but i wasn’t sure they would go. Mocha (my most used colour EVER) and camel, i like the camel shade but for some reason it doesn’t sit right with those 3.

I will post up an update in a week or two with progress on this as tomorrow which will be today by the time this posts i need to crack on with Bina & Pooh bear!

Hope you all have a great day and stay safe! xoxox


Picture overload but 70’s show was one of my favourite TV shows!

3 thoughts on “Crochet Diamonds”

  1. The 1970’s is in the rear view mirror for me. I broke down this year and bought a needlecraft light with a magnifier attached to it. I only use the magnifier to thread needles but being able to shine light on what I am doing is wonderful. I don’t know why I didn’t buy one before this.

    Thank you for following me.


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