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Crochet throwback – Granny baby blanket


Who doesn’t love a throwback? Especially when you’ve come so far with your hobby and you look back and see a huge difference and think wow i actually did that. Whether you’ve improved or your taking a trip down memory lane. It never gets tiresome looking at past projects, if anything it motivates me even more to create more things.

Last year once i had mastered the granny square & felt like i was ready to unleash my crochet craft even more. I started to make items to sell on request & this one sadly never got sold. I sit and wonder why? but i have him tucked away safely in my box and hoping that when i attend a craft year at some point or make any progress with an online store this will go to a great home.

Granny squares most definitely peaked in the 70’s (Damn the 70’s keep popping up all over my blog) & if you do your research or like to delve into some history, you will see so many crazy items of clothing with the granny square. That being said, they made quick and beautiful blankets. Whether you use the square or formation of the stitch itself, it’s widely used in crochet to make anything from a motif to a cosy cardigan. The granny squares though actually go back into the 1800’s and how amazing is that!? 

What i love about this specific blanket is another wonder why it wasn’t snapped up is that its made with cotton. Which i LOVE working with – I think i may briefly have said before that its so versatile when it comes to washing as it’s pretty much treated as it were an item of clothing. Not only that, it’s perfect for anyone with sensitive skin and for babies – This is most definitely a perfect item to give to your child. Not only that, cotton is great for anyone that lives in a country that suffers with warm weather all year round or at peak times of the year. I can be sometimes a little more expensive but really worth it – Not only that, you can use cotton to make dish cloths, face cloths, socks, towels, rugs heck the list goes on.


So what inspired me to make this? As one large continued granny square as a blanket for me never used to appeal to me and i always thought of it as not challenging enough. I strive to be different and sometimes being different leads you to following the trends. Don’t get me wrong i love Attic 24’s patterns but i see so much i almost forgot about the granny even existing.
After i purchased a large amount of Drops cotton (it was on sale don’t judge, and a year later i still have some left!) I looked at the pastel colours and i loved them so much i was scared that over exaggerating what i wanted to make might just ruin the perfection of colours at hand. So i picked up my 5mm hook and started making a  granny square – Before i knew it, i was changing colours and it was getting bigger and bigger and that’s how i ended up with this special little guy.

I can’t remember the exact shades of yarn i used, but i will forward you the website.
Click here > Cotton pod
They are a supplier for Drops and only Drops (Last time i checked) and YES they do ship internationally – I know also Wool warehouse sell Drops but i much prefer Cotton pod as it’s an independent store and i had such quick service and delivery.


The cotton does come in 50g balls and i think i may of used around 3-4 of each colour, i know hopeless but forgive me it was like a year ago!
It does required to use a 5mm hook, and i had some trouble with splitting with the white so i changed it up with a 5.5mm keeping the tension the same.
The great thing about granny blankets if your just doing one big one is that it doesn’t really take long if you keep at it – My 70’s inspired one took way longer than it should as i had other things etc but if i can remember correctly, this was about 2 days maybe 3.

I finished if off with a scallop/popcorn edge as if i am honest at the time it was the only edging i knew!

If your unsure of how to do a Granny square i will point you into the direction of Bella Coco ( as per ) See the link below for the video tutorial!

VIDEO TUTORIAL > How to crochet a granny square

Thank you so much for reading and fingers crossed this goes to a loving home one day!

Have a great day wherever you are & stay safe! xoxo

(PS – i am on form with scheduling posts!)


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