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Crochet reversible egg & chick -PLUS diy light box

Happy Friday folks! As you know if your someone that crochets you can’t just have more than one WIP (Work in progress) and i was browsing the crochet groups i’m in on Facebook and saw this really cut egg and chick that was reversible, now i must be really behind on crochet trends so i have never seen anything like it!  I clicked the pattern link and sat staring for ages, should i buy or just crack on with my current projects. No i bought it alright and within 20 minutes i had my hook and yarn out crocheting away.

The pattern itself didn’t cost that much at all and i’ll be sure to link everything at the end of this post.
What made this so special i had to do it? If your like me and when doing soft toys i dread the parts where you need to stuff the damn things, its not a quick task! So this little piece requires NO stuffing at all… What else might you say? its cute and reversible i mean what else is more fun – The pattern also comes with instructions on how to do a rabbit as well if you want to make two lovable characters for easter. It’s very flexible and i used a 4mm hook and DK yarn. You can change up the thickness of your yarns etc and go big!
I am pretty sure that you could even make some other cute animals ready to hatch free!
These are so perfect and such a great concept, i think i may have to plan and do some more animals in the near future like baby dinosaurs – OH here we go, my crochet brain.

See my video below on how this little cutie unfolds – I will say sorry for the crappy quality, i was holding a selfie stick in between my legs whilst filming lol! (Scroll to the end for pattern link)


Wait this blog isn’t over – DIY light studio

So not only have i been busy trying to finish up stuff, i made my own mini photography studio. It cost me around £10.00 to make. I tried to follow the man on the tutorial i found but i couldn’t find everything exactly and it hasn’t gone as perfect as his but i am actually really happy with the results.




What i used:

  • Cardboard box
  • Scissors
  • Tape (I would suggest what the tutorial says as get some of the duct tape)
  • White fabric (I got it from my local craft store – i paid £2.45 for a large piece which i could probably use to make another one or make some plain pillow cases)
  • White card – Now the guy mentioned some special name but i just got craft card ( i didn’t have enough so i also used some white printing paper
  • Lamp – I bought this for £4.00 at a local shop called Wilko’s, again its not the exact fixture as his but it really does the job.
  • Daylight bulb, i think this also cost around £4.00 and that was for just one!!


DIY light box   < < < CLICK for full tutorial 


Click for crochet pattern >  Reversible chick pattern


So that’s it, i didn’t want this to be a long blog as i had two things i wanted to show you guys and i am going to be busy now getting my Bina doll finished and make a start one Pooh bear (Yup not even started it) IF and i really do hope she is finished i will blog tomorrow if not i guess it will be a pretty random one!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, stay safe & thanks for reading xoxoxo
(P.S I had an interview today and i have a good feeling.)


4 thoughts on “Crochet reversible egg & chick -PLUS diy light box”

  1. One of the hardest things to learn when blogging is taking a good picture. I have been doing this for 7 years and I still have trouble at time setting up a good picture. I have food photography down but other things can be a challeng. Light box is a great idea for small items. Thanks for sharing.

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