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This is a none craft post today. I was  going to blog about my Bina the bear but she still isn’t done. I didn’t do much Crocheting yesterday as i felt a little poorly, my head was pounding and i just wasn’t in the mood. Today though its around 4PM here an i still haven’t done any – I finally found my plug to my printer so i have been writing off all my purchased and downloaded patterns so i don’t have to keep looking at my phone. I am though once i’ve done writing this go on to do some crocheting.

The point of this blog today?

I just wanted to say thank you to those who read, comment and like my posts. I am not a popular blog and this was never my intention when i set the thing up. I wanted to write as it’s something i love and incorporate my hobby.
Thought i may not get hundreds of likes – My reading stats are great and i just want to thank those that do take the time to read my ramblings.

This has been such a personal journey for me as i feel i have been able to connect myself with the world and i get to read some fantastic blogs along the way. I am following so many creative people, not all crocheters but artists, writers even mothers who just like to cook and craft.

I feel truly blessed to come across such inspirational people and it always amazes me at how many people in this world exist. I feel at home, i feel this community is where i belong and i have not had the feeling of belonging for a long time.
I also feel bless that i get to have a conversation with some of you and that i get a response back – It’s not always been easy with me, i doubt a lot of things and this world is like the movie Mean Girls. A weird way to describe it but if you don’t have specifics you get ignored. How many times have i tried to talk to strangers and the only people that talk back are the ones that are just as odd as me – So for a change being here i am no longer an outcast.

I am not calling you outcasts haha! 

SO my hands are cold because i am forever cold, i will go now and probably read the million of patterns i have printed. I need to sort them out into folders etc as well.


Happy Saturday, have a great weekend & stay safe as always 🙂 xoxoxo


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