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Cue the over reaction….

No i won’t lie, i did almost get so angry and quit crocheting last night. As you can see by my title, i started Charlottes squares (Links will be at the bottom of the blog.)
I had never challenged myself to something like this and some of you may already be pro’s at tackling different patterns. I say contemplating to do my mothers Pooh bear, she will kill me if it’s not done by mothers day. But i also wanted to re think my retro diamond idea. I hate it, and i spent ages on Pinterest and came across Look At What I Made and her Charlottes dream blanket. Well of course its beautiful and lovely girly colours but i thought maybe i could change it up and use my retro colours. So all afternoon as you know i was printing off my patterns and printed off Charlottes squares. The blanket itself consists of very large squares and has 3 parts – LONG! It’s not as quick as granny oh no, the first part took me ages.
I Looked at the types of stitches and i was familiar with them as i had used them before, but i had never used them in this way. So of course YouTube has a video, and just for the first part of the square it’s video is over an hour long – Of course it took me what 4 hours because of the stop starting i had to take breaks because my eyes may of popped out.

Here’s where i melt down – It wasn’t until starting to make it into a square i had messed up. After frogging two rows to make sure it wasn’t those rows i noticed 12 petals on the pattern and i had only 11. WELL that was it – hours of work it had just hit midnight and i wanted to cry. Not at the pattern but at myself for making such a rookie mistake of not counting. I MEAN i should know by now to count stitches and make sure it’s all correct.

I threw what i had made into the bin, got into bed and watched Netflix – I had none stop dreams about it, seriously it drove me mad because i made a mistake. I have to have things perfect and for some reason this really did p*ss me off!

Well guess what? I did it.


The edges are little bit wonky but the pattern says that’s okay and once i start part 2 it will all straighten out. I changed it up by only switching colours twice. The pattern uses A & B colours more frequent and as i am setting a theme and taking a risk with my idea i wanted it to be like this. Just a hint of cream to highlight as i am planning on using black for part 2 and back to green for part 3. I will be alternating the cream and black, so next square that i do i will use the black for where the cream is and use the cream where the black will be on this square. Of course you probably have no idea what i am talking about but once i have finished one ill post it – I don’t see myself making these every day, as they are REALLY large i know you probably can’t tell. It has 12 i believe on the blanket so i will maybe 2 a week possibly only one due to doing my other bears.
Once i restarted this again today i didn’t need the video, i manged it and understood it with the written pattern. I think i went to the video on the last few rounds to just double check i was placing stitches in the right spots. Apart from that, if you like a challenge or something new then this is probably the right project for you!

Click here for Charlotte’s dream pattern and everything you need to know by the wonderful Dedri > Charlotte’s dream

For the Youtube tutorial (I’ll link part 1 as the rest follow on) > Charlotte’s square video tutorial


Just after i posted my blog last night, within half an hour i got a call about a job interview i went for. I got the job and i start training sometime next week. – It’s only part time as that’s what i want so i can concentrate on my crocheting but also i had had full time jobs since i was 16, i wouldn’t mind just taking it easy for a while. Does that sound bad? Plus my boyfriend will be the one with full time hours and for a change he can bring the money in! But i won’t have it easy as i may need to do some extra hours but i like that flexibility.

That’s all for now! Hope you’ve all had a great weekend 🙂 xoxox

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      1. Oh yes we are!!! It’s quite relaxing once you know your doing it right 😅 I know it would look more effective with different colours. I feel like it fits in with your Mandala loveliness with it being flower and tranquil lol

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