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Crochet charlottes dream – one square complete

It’s Friday! Yes finally. Only because I have 3 days off and I can cram as much crochet and cleaning/laundry in as possible. Though the last two aren’t as fun.

One square is finally complete and currently measures at 21×21 inches. Yup that’s a big ass square and I have 11 more to make!

I started this project in thought of doing it over time. I don’t want this to be completed in a few weeks, partially because I won’t have that much time and I think it’s the mood I have to be in to tackle it. – It’s not going to take two hours to do a square for me it was quite long winded. 

So, the last two rounds were additional and it called for a hdc then bpdc. I went with two rounds of hdc in black and cream. I have to be different and personally even though they are additional I didn’t think it really called for a bpdc.

At some point I did dislike doing this pattern, even though it’s such a beautiful design I just thought some of the stitches in certain rounds werent really needed. I totally get the bobble stitch as well you probably can’t tell with my black yarn but it looks good. Where as a few rounds in doing the triangle it called for a row of stitches to be crossed over and a row of popcorn. I did them any way as I wanted to follow the pattern but I just felt they for me didnt add anything.  

But who am I to judge? everyone is different and no doubt the people who never find fault with things will kiss arse and say it’s all amazing. 

Other than that I love the pattern and I have changed the way I coordinate my colours.  The petals ideally are supposed to be say cream or white or a different shade altogether from your main colour – which of course mine was green. I think I mentioned before I wanted to create a embossed look rather than the petals fully standing out.

The other thing is I used black. Not to everyone’s liking as no doubt the people I’ve seen also make these stick to pretty colours and it all look fancy but I am sticking with retro and more than likely black will be seen more often.

Lastly, each square is going to be different so not all squares will have that cream outline at the very end. This is because when I eventually join all the squares together I’ll be using the invisible stitch to join. 

I’ve probably already mentioned all of this in the post I did before about it but just to keep folk updated I thought I’d explain a little better.

I think you can do whatever you want when it comes to crocheting and colours. It’s art, do what makes you feel good!  You don’t have to follow the crowd or trends, be open to experimenting and unleash the inner crafter that you are. If you want bright colours then do it! Don’t ever be scared.

I’m off for a few drinks this afternoon/evening.  Hoping to be home by half 7 so me and my boyfriend can have our regular Friday take out. Plus I want to crochet LOL.

Hope you have a fab Friday and stay safe! xoxo


6 thoughts on “Crochet charlottes dream – one square complete”

  1. I ❤ this square!! It is amazing. Where did you get the pattern? I like the outer green edging – it looks fantastic! The green color really makes it stand out … Good job 🙂


  2. This square is gorgeous! I can totally see it taking hours to make just one square. There’s a lot of stitches in there! I like the black and I love the green!! This reminds me of a ceramic tile on a very fancy floor or wall. The bobble stitches and what not are a pain, but I think that the texture it brings to the party makes it look super fancy!! This is the type of square that only talented experienced crocheters would do. Very nice!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! The green is my favourite colour I keep using it for everything, I don’t usually like green either. I’ve only been crocheting for a year an surprised I could tackle it haha


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