Quick update

Hello guys! I’ve not been blogging in over a week and I just wanted to quickly post to say I’m still around and trying to stay up to date with everyone else’s blogs.
I’ve been a little distracted as life does that sometimes and so I took a break from the blog to just relax and do some things for myself. by myself I mean Ive been playing playstation, netflix and crocheting. 

I also havent felt very well I think I may need to get my chest checked out as sometimes it feels quit tight and I know as a child I had astma if that’s how you spell it. I smoke so I’m pretty sure it’s come back now I’m older.

ALSO – I made something freehand. I’m just in the middle of writing up how to do this step by step. Though it’s not really steps more of a guide and instructions as I wasn’t planning on sharing how I did it in so much detail so there’s alot of gaps it need to try and fill in as I sort of just went with the flow and didn’t write things down.
I’m also doing a custom order and will have a preview of that by tomorrow. I also need to start my mother’s pooh bear which she doesn’t want me to do now so I need to find a cute cuddly toy for her.

So, basically I can’t promise my posts will be consistent this week as I still have alot of stuff to do but I should have a couple of posts up.
That’s it for now and have a great weekend. 

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Hey! I'm a 27 year old blogger, crafter, writer, cat lover and what ever else. I currently live with my boyfriend and cat in Stoke on Trent UK. I am currently writing a sci-fi novel and my passion for writing grows more more each day. I hope to be a published author and not sit on my work for years to come. I also spend a lot of time trying new crafts rather than perfecting just a few, but i love to get stuck in and try new things! You will find all sorts of hobbies on my blog, including snippets of writing!

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