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Chevron baby blanket – Bernat blanket yarn



Im back!

Kind of, slowly getting my shit together and slowly almost have written up instructions for that Boho bag i may of mentioned.
(At the end of the blog i have kind of mentioned the blog award thingy)

Basically I have crafted this  amazing blanket in the matter of 2.5 days! Yes how amazing!?
So this is  a custom request for a friend and she wanted a blanket that was with the super soft chenille type. Now in the past i have used James C Brett Flutterby and with the colours she requested and style they just didn’t have much choice and by the time i got the amount i needed it worked out the same price as the Bernat baby/blanket comes in 300g balls for just over £10.00 – Which actually the Bernat have way more Meters/yardage in the balls so you get more for your money.

I got inspired as soon as she wanted this cuddly thick yarn! I am so in love with chunky yarn and i always find some kind of pleasure working with it, and she picked a super easy pattern to do. – It’s actually now officially one of my favourite patterns to do in chunky yarn. I don’t like it in DK as i had long ass projects with constant colour changes and all them ENDS AAAAAAAAAAAARGH. So this was lovely to make, the fact that it took only a few  days to make because it works up so quick is just a bonus. I probably could of done it in a day and a half but if you add on the extra time for weaving in the ends (which have yet to be done – I did some but not all.) and that yesterday being Sunday i spent ALOT of time just relaxing in bed with Netflix having a Project Runway binge and Rupaul’s dragrace.







So how can you do this?

I followed the Crochet’s Crowd tutorial on how to do the Chevron. I have seen alot of patterns on how to do this and they all have different counts of starting stitches so with me using really thick yarn i just wanted it simple, no over complicating of this and that.
Mikey as always is excellent at explaining!

Click here  for tutorial > Chevron Blanket

As for supplies i went to the Wool warehouse website and ordered my balls of yarn.
Shades as follows:
Bernat Baby Blanket – Baby Teal
Bernat Blanket – Pale Grey
Bernat Baby Blanket – White

Now Bernat baby and Bernat blanket are the same, no product difference. It’s just a different category of colours. So Bernat Baby will have more child like shades and ones with speckles of different colours and Bernat Blanket is more basic neautral tones.

They say to use a 8mm hook but i actually found it more easier and comfortable to use a 10mm as it is quite thick and delicate yarn and i would hate to of snagged it or have to really pull through if my tension was tight.

That’s basically it..

Now depending on how you edge and do the border, i ended up with zero white so i deffo used the whole 300g but the other two colours i was left with a bit so i could probably make some use out of it. I will also add that, my changes of colour i did two white, 4 grey, 2 white, 4 teal and so on.

Let me know if you have ever done a Chevron blanket and if so what kind of colours/yarn did you use?

I am aware i was nominated for a blog award – Thank you!!!! I feel so blessed.

I actually will get around to it tomorrow and will link up my nominations so i haven’t forgotten or haven’t seen it – I also don’t know how to link blogs so TAMI AKA TANGLEWOOD KNOTS IF YOU SEE THIS THEN THANK YOU SO MUCH!

That’s it for now, i will be back – #SashayAway





7 thoughts on “Chevron baby blanket – Bernat blanket yarn”

  1. LOVE THAT BLANKET! And I think that you just took the speed crochet record away from me making my niece’s shawl!! Believe it or not I just started using bulky yarn this fall/winter and I love it! With summer crocheting starting soon I’m sad that I won’t have too many opportunities to work with it. Don’t fret about doing the award thing – I just wanted other people to know how amazing your blog is!! I’m actually considering making a post tomorrow or Wednesday specifically about how to do links in blogs. But seriously – I never wanted anyone to feel pressure that they needed to do anything other than say “yaaaaaay me I got an award!” 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed working with bernat so deffo will have to stock up but it’s not as cheap in the UK. Bulky yarn is so much better everything just works up quicker but yeah it’s not spring ideal or summer unless you make a big chunky rug lol. Awww I feel really bless you mentioned me and I do want to do it for others as I’ve seen so many blogs who need appreciating! I got so many blogs to catch up on I need to read all yours 😅😅

      Liked by 1 person

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