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Completed Chevron Baby Blanket



Yes, i weaved in those ghastly ends and it’s currently in the washing machine being tested. Hopefully it will come out in one piece. – As my fellow crocheters and knitters know it’s always an anxious moment because you want your work of art to be perfect! And that’s with any craft or hobby. I’ve plenty of projects where I’ve cut the wrong piece of yarn and its all fallen to pieces.

I think this super chunky chevron is a must have for anyone as its quick and super fun to make. Something excites me about using thicker yarn (maybe because its quicker) so for sure add this to your list!
Another plus about this being a chunky baby blanket is i know it seems a little too bulky for a baby but the magical thing about chenille yarn is, this would be perfect to place down on the floor and allow your baby to lay and roll or relax after a bath without the babies skin etching against something that’s not so soft. So for me this item is very versatile!





My photo taking for this post hasn’t been very good but i wanted to just capture it in it’s natural way rather than making it look perfect for a picture.


If you want to see how i did this, head on over to my previous post about the Chevron

Click here > Chevron Blanket


I also would like to give a mention that today has been an awfully sad day as my boyfriends Grandmother passed away and that i was hoping that i got a chance to of made her a blanket. My heart its sending out love and that i know she is at peace with her husband.

And any of my UK companions who currently live in London, PLEASE be safe with the hearing of todays events. It’s such a cruel and terrifying world that we live in and i fear each day for the future of the younger generation. Terrorism and any act of violence when it comes to any country especially your own really hits hard. SO please, lets just take a few moments to share love to each other all over the world where people don’t have the life that we have. Where they suffer war and death each day, and most importantly share the love to those precious around you.


Have a good one!

(P.S Alex is not very good at giving advice with open arms and love so i imagine her helping hand to her co worker might be a little less lovely than most expect.)


2 thoughts on “Completed Chevron Baby Blanket”

  1. That blanket is the perfect size! I think a lot of people make baby blankets too small – crocheted blankets are very sturdy and last a long time it would be a shame for baby to grow out of it too quickly! Also – I disagree, Alex’s cynical attitude is helping her coworkers by exposing them as the life frauds that they are – they just don’t realize they’re being helped yet. Someday when they are having a mid-life crisis or when they realize what an utter waste of life they’ve lived I think they will be silently thanking her! I’m so sorry to hear of your loss – (((hugs)))

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    1. I think it measures 36×36 forgot to add that in haha but yeah some people make them small and end up being thrown out I think once I’ve washed and hanged it to dry it will stretch abit more as well I can’t seem to get the edges to stay straight and I know some people might be fussy about that :/ haha Alex is naughty! I love her I feel this is the right time for my writing just have a gut feeling. And thank you 🙂

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