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Inspiring Blog Awards



Gather around for the most prestigious award to date!

Just kidding, it’s not.

I’ve seen a few of these mini blog awards floating about, and even more so I’ve seen my own name! So I wanted to address it and make a post so i didn’t seem somewhat rude.

Firstly – The reason i started this blog is because i wanted to write more. Not only because my true passion is writing but because i took up a hobby that i never saw myself doing in a million years.
I’ve got the social media, Facebook groups with fellow crochet lovers and Instagram accounts and although they are nice to browse through i can’t help but see the clicks – The pictures because they are probably getting paid to do thing with someones brand of yarn. Unless you aren’t a popular crocheter with tons of followers and a successful blog or social media page, you won’t fall under the category of being tagged in something blah blah

My point being!

Since starting this blog, I’ve come across so many wonderful and talented people. Not only with the knack to create but also good hearted souls. I smile everyday when i read a post (Sometimes i suck and don’t comment but i do read!) because it still amazes me that on this planet so many people exist and share the same thing.

Secondly – You people have helped me so much these coming months with my depression and anxiety, i still get my bad days and if i am being honest today was one of them. But it gives me such a boost to see what the world is currently doing in more than 140 characters.
The fact that i get people reading my blog, and the fact that I’ve been nominated for these mini awards means an absolute lot to me.
It might sound a bit stupid that it has meaning but I’ve never won an award or achieved anything that i can say on my death bed ‘i did that bitches’ so thank you again for seeing something in me.

Anyways, fuck the sad stuff.

This award is for everyone

I didn’t want to sit here and make a long ass list of people who i  think should be nominated in return or because i like your blogs because quite frankly it’s kind of not something i do – It’s a little cheesy for me so i thought i would go 100 times more cheesier and dedicate this to every person that i follow and read daily.

Your all different, from writers to ramblers. You are all inspiring, it’s you guys that allow yourselves to be vulnerable with your art or writing by allowing the world to see it.
It’s you people that talk about the stigma’s of the world and let us in your darkest thoughts.

So thank you for reading, thank you for putting up with my potty mouth.


Good night world xoxoxo


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