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Mothers day crochet gift


Surprise surprise…

That picture is all you are getting by the way! I feel like keeping secrets……

Anyways this Sunday here in the UK is mothers day and i recently bought some yarn, well a few weeks back actually because it was 30% off. I got 4 50g gram balls of Sirdar Slyvan which is a thick and thing yarn. Never worked with it before and i didn’t even think it would work.

SO, me being me, I won’t show you the yarn and  wont tell you much about the project until it’s done because i am also going to make up a few more things for my mother and put it all in one post.

Its a mixture of acrylic and wool, 90% acrylic and 10% wool. Wool doesn’t actually bother me and because it not got a huge amount in it, this yarn is crazy soft.
I’m not sure if you can get the contrast of the colours as the light here today is rubbish but its supposed to be a dark grey, light, pink, blues etc. Its beautiful i am so in love right now.


Ok i lied i will show you another picture



It’s all my own pattern, so i will go through with you what i did. Though really it’s not even a pattern just common sense but I have take a few pictures up close of where to put your hook and stitches as because the thickness changes it can be easy to miss out on some stitches.


That’s it for now, i will be finishing up this and do some more writing.
Have a good one!



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