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Spring is here! 

So it’s here and it’s in all of its glory. I love spring but I hate summer because when the UK gets hot weather two weeks a year LOL its really warm and I sweat so much. 

I don’t live near a beach and you’ll be damned if I catch a train when they raise the prices up during summer holidays. 

Anyways, I like spring because every pastel colour becomes a serious trend in the crochet world. – Not that colours ever become unpopular because everyone immediately thinks of those shades during this season.

So I went into my local yarn store, I don’t have much money at the moment but I couldn’t resist OOPS. I went for Hayfield bonus DK as they seem to over charge for other brands which I could easily get online for cheaper but I couldnt wait. 

I also got some 4ply yarn in grey so I’m thinking lacy scarf or shawl. I’ve never worked with 4ply before!
Whilst I am back to my world for abit of writing and crocheting (I literally switch to crocheting when I can’t think of anything to write) Ill have an update tomorrow with my mothers day scarf and tonight Alex should be around! 


and with that I will sashe away 



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