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Crochet Hexagon



Before I go on to talk about my Hexagon…

I would like to say thank you to anyone that’s been reading Alex, I know she’s a bit wild but I’ve put my whole personality into her character and a few of the experiences are real, except the crazy slut and Martin.
Most importantly, the next part I am writing is extremely emotional for me  as I have used an experience that has scarred me for life emotionally and mentally when it comes to trying to figure myself out as a woman. It was very hard to write as I’ve only ever told a few people and now the world is about to see it…I will leave it at that.


Hexagon craze

I’ve noticed more and more hexagons lately, which I love!! So I really struggled with watching the Bella Coco tutorial as it just didn’t seem right at the join and i kind of like things to be spot on. I asked for help from Tami – Tanglewoodknots  She pointed me in the right direction of some other channel’s to watch a tutorial.
Guess what I MASTERED IT – Only took an hour and boy oh boy am i happy.

All that lovely yarn I bought I’ve started to make a blanket with but because I can’t have just one project  i found some Stylecraft DK from last months yarn buy and thought about making another blanket.
For this Hexagon i used the shade duck egg, and i have cream, grey and parchment. I want to keep it neutral with just one colour tone and as blue/green are my favourite things in the world right now I thought YES duck egg come at me. Then i thought of eggs itself and is it true when we eat eggs we are eating a dead baby chick?



  • 4MM Hook –
  • Stylecraft DK

OH yes the video, well TAMI I could not find a video for those channels? Maybe i didn’t look or skipped past but it was really pissing me off so i randomly clicked here this link (See below) And it just sort of clicked BUT now i also have found two new channels to follow so thank you!

Crochet hexagon


Peace out everyone, happy Saturday!



2 thoughts on “Crochet Hexagon”

  1. To Alex: Cc Rebecca: Be strong! ❤ ……..To Rebecca – you're silly. The same way you did that video link is how you do a blog link – go to home page and copy that URL. And make sure when you are adding the link that you check off the box to open a new window so people don't click on the link and leave your blog! Let me know if that makes sense – if not I'll email with screenshots!! G'nite!!


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