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Mothers day snood – how to

Happy mothers day everyone!  
As you know I was making a scarf for my mum and even though it’s spring we still get those chilly days. I don’t expect her to wear it often but it’s a nice gift for her collection when winter hits again. 

It didn’t take long to make and I just chained and worked HDC followed by a chain 2 for the turning chain. 

I got some thick and thin yarn which I have never worked with before. I really like the effect this gives in different lighting, it’s almost a pearlescent effect.

It actually wasn’t that hard to use and I turned what would be a scarf into a slightly bigger snood.
How I did this:

2 50g balls of Sirdar Sylvan

6.5mm hook

If you wish to make it longer then you will need another ball or two depends on the length. I will probably make another one of these for winter in a different colour and longer with a matching hat!
Chain 22 (less or more, this will determine the width)

HDC in the second chain from hook and each one across

Chain 2, turn.

HDC in the same same stitch and continue along til the end – repeat this by chaining 2 and turning. 

NOW, because the yarn changes from being thick and thin I can’t stress enough how this next bit of info is important. (See picture below) 

Where my finger is poking through, that is a stitch you NEED to work in. It is very easy to skip these as they are thin and can look a little tight, which is also why it’s recommended to use the correct hook for this. (I tried to go smaller but the thinner part of the yarn when really tight and I couldn’t  put my hook in)

So remember dont skip these stitches.

It will look awfully strange and a little ridged around the edges. Don’t worry it’s fine, it’s the way the yarn fluctuates in size and at first you will look at it and it will look a little strange. 

If you don’t like how the edges look you can always go around the scarf wit a sc at the end but I prefer the look it gives off.

This has 10% wool in which you can deffo tell but it sure as hell feels so soft. I love the contrast and I love the feel, it kind of has this silk effect.
And that’s how you can make this scarf/snood 

If you’ve ever worked with thick or thin yarn let me know! I’m definitely going to try some other brands in the future.
Happy mothers day – I won’t be seeing my mum today as she went clubbing with her sister last night and didn’t get in til 6am LOLOLOL so I’m off to McDonald’s with my boyfriend because I don’t want to cook.

Have a good one folks!


4 thoughts on “Mothers day snood – how to”

  1. McDonalds!! You’ve shattered my illusion that you live in a quaint All Creatures Great and Small little village with sheep roaming the streets, and cows by the gate that you milk every morning, and everyone mucking about in their Wellingtons!!!! Noooo not McDonalds!! The snood is lovely – I like the uneven edges too it gives it much more character. That yarn LOOKS soft and I love the colors!!! Have a fun day! 😀

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    1. Hahaaha! That’s my dream to live in a village with a beach but no I live in a city, my mum lives in a small what I guess many hundreds of years ago was a village but it’s just part of the county now with lovely pubs lol! McDonald’s are doing the monopoly again so I need to go LOL happy mothers day hope you have a good day 🙂

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