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Boho bag – Free pattern (Finally!)

My Boho bag design/pattern is finally here!

You now I didn’t go to sleep til 4AM last night. I was up organizing and changing up my blog design, fell asleep and I’ve literally been at it all day. Then I finished the blog THEN I finished writing up instructions for this bag.
It was done freehand and So it’s pretty much a go with the flow but the design is 100% mine and I’m so proud of it! So here it is guys! I have also made sure I will link the videos for certain stitches for you guys.

Boho bag

This is in US terms

Gauge is not important for this design as this is a free hand project and does not matter if your length width etc does not match.


Materials I used:
4MM hook
5MM hook
Paint box Aran yarn – 203 shade
Stylecraft special DK – Cream
Yarn needle

Stitches/special stitches
Shell stitch – See link below
Star stitch – See link below
SC – Single crochet – (UK term Double Crochet)

Star stitch tutorial – Crochet Crowd Star stitch tutorial
Shell stitch tutorial – Bella Coco scalloped edge border

Make panel by using the star stitch

How many you chain determines how wide you want your bag. But just remember that following the star stitch you will be doing multiples of 2 + 1 – So work out how wide you want it. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and create your panel.
I did it so it measured around 20 inches long and 10 inches wide but this is totally up to you! You can make a smaller cute bag for your phone or a larger one. No preference needed!

This is my design and I went from this picture!

Once you are happy with your size cut yarn and finished. Fold your piece in half, making sure the more nicer looking side is on the inside and your sewing it inside out.
It’s hard to tell which side its right or wrong and it doesn’t really matter but I could tell the difference (Star stitch leaves ridges etc on one side of the work, that is the wrong side and the side that will face out when you sew.)
Grab a needle and use the same yarn and sew the two smaller sides, left and right together. You have just made your bag pouch!
Tie off thread and turn work inside out and this is now the correct side.

This is what the wrong side should look like – A little more bumpy

Now you’ll be working on making a flap for your bag
As i don’t have a specific pattern for this it was free hand and so was the rest i will guide you as best as I can on how I made the triangle flap.

Use a mixture of stitches to create an effect or just keep it simple

Using your selected yarn (I chose cream) Chain enough so it measures the width of your bag. DONT chain too many as it will hang off the edge. The idea is so it flaps over, you can chain the correct amount or a few less, which ever style or way looks best.
I chained roughly the width which is 10 inches wide.
*IMPORTANT – For the first rows make sure you do the same stitch and it measures at least 3 inches as this is the beginning of your triangle and will be later used to sew and fold on the bag of the bag.
After a few rows of SC or what ever stitch you prefer you can switch it up, this is where the creativity parts set it. You are making a a triangle and which ever stitch you choose to make it pretty you need to make sure you decrease every other row. The triangle on my bag measures 7 inches in length but the length is whatever size your bag is.
You can always make just a plain simple triangle and embelish it will motifs.

With your second colour yarn or what ever colours you’ve chosen – slip stitch into the top of any side of the bag. Working down, across and up you will need to edge your bag with SC before doing the shells.
Once you have reached the other side, go back down across and up following the shell stitch border.

Once you’ve completed the border, cut ends and finished.
FLAP – Do the same thing to your bag flap. DONT shell stitch across the bottom, only the two sides.
Go around first with the SC and then back around with the shell stitch, finish off.

Attaching the flap
On the back of your bag, either side as they should be equal and match. Attach and sew on your triangle flap – Roughly 3 Inches down from the bag rim.
Don’t worry about the shells at the edge they don’t need to be sewn


Bag handle

You can make the handle two ways – Chain a long chain and do 3 or 4 rows of SC or as many as needed to create thickness and then sew each end on either side of the bag
OR you can chain the ammount wanted for thickness, say ch 4 and sc to create a long strip.
Which ever is easiest for you – I chained a long chain and then did 3 rows of SC
Attach handle.

Attach each end of the handle to either side of the bag. It should be attached on the outside but if you prefer you can do it on the inside.
Make sure it’s not too close to the rim as it won’t sew and will more than likely come loose.
Attach about 1.5 inches away from the rim.

This is optional but for me I the boho look.
Cut 5 pieces of yarn (I used cream to match the flap) Fold in half and attach in the middle stitch of each shell. Cut tassles to length – I did long at the front and slightly shortened as it went up.

Watch this video on how to attach tassles.

Crochet crowd adding a fringe

You can line the bag inside if you wish and also add a zip inside for extra saftety.
I think a magnetic button underneath the flap would be cool rather than having a big button showing on the front.
Play around with it and just go with the flow!
“This pattern is my own and I am very happy for people to go off this design and create whatever they choose to.
I DONT take ownership of the stitches used but ownership of the design.
Please make sure to respect this free design/pattern by crediting me – Whether it’s a blog post, photo graphs, finished items to sell.
You may NOT take credit for the pictures but using your own pictures is perfectly fine.
You may sell items using this design, but do not claim that this is your design.
Contact me if you have any questions.”

I hope you have fun making this and if you do please sure to email me at or hit me up on Instagram TwinkleHook_ and tag me using the hashtag #TwinkleHookBoho – I would love to see your designs and would like to feature them on my blog

Happy hooking!


2 thoughts on “Boho bag – Free pattern (Finally!)”

  1. Very nice!! I’m going to try to squeeze it in to my very long project to do list. I like your new page design set up! The title block looks very edgy and hip! Just like you Rebecca!! LOL 😀

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    1. Yaaaay omg I could imagine it being all colourful and gypsy hehe. Thanks! I literally made about 10 different ones and I was like no I just want simple LOL. Hip hop hippity hop I said hip hop


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