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Sunday yarn day – disaster

Happy Sunday folks! Just another quick post as I’m super tired and have so much to do.

I’m currently blogging from my phone again as I’m still at my mother’s. Today has been super Urghhhhh 

So I met my mum around noon we went yarn shopping – DISASTER because I didn’t buy anything.. my local shop seems to be lacking in choice ever since I started to shop online months and months ago. I also can’t understand why the prices are so high. I intended on buying because I wanted Yarn TODAY.

NOPE. Went back to my mums for Sunday dinner and spent our time on our phones looking at woolwarehouse. We FINALLY placed an order (free delivery wooo)  my poor boyfriend was fast asleep but I did buy him some xbox points.

So im off home soon, also bought 6 books for my kindle LOL WOOPS. 

When my yarn arrives I’ll be sure to share but I’m making ANOTHER blanket so that will be another one to work on but you can’t have enough right?

I also have to set up a new Skype account because I have an important call tomorrow morning (I’ll be lIving off 4 hours sleep thanks to wrestlemania) and my Skype name is becky zoom so it kind of looks a bit unprofessional LOL saying that if they took one look at this blog they would probably run a mile!

(Just ate some fudge cake and cream. Diet starts tomorrow.)

So what have you all been upto this weekend and what have you been crafting?  Oh if my grammar is poor you know auto correct on phones isn’t the best so blame that!
Peace out 


2 thoughts on “Sunday yarn day – disaster”

  1. How did you not find anything to buy at that yarn store?!?!?! I would have had a shopping cart overflowing!! I need to go get some paper towels to clean up the drool puddle before it reaches my keyboard! Good luck with your meeting. I hope Alex doesn’t hop on Skype before you can answer it!! 😀

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    1. I think the prices put me off LOL and it was so god damn warm :/ couldn’t cope! I feel bad because it’s a local business. Here’s some paper towels I have some spare haha. Omg alex will be somewhere over the rainbow like she has been lol!

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