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Crocheting is driving me crazy


So i’ve gotten this far with my c2c and i am NOT bored of it but now i am ready to just take a day off from this and start a c2c graph blanket.

Could not figure out stitch fiddle, I thought it was going okay and the pictures I chose just did not look right and URGH so then i found a website that does paid patterns, includes graph and written pattern. – Then I was like no, Becky stop being a wimp. You don’t need a pattern nor someone elses pattern.
Yes yes YES I really f*****g do.

Okay, so a c2c is easy especially when doing the decreasing but when i started to think about the graph decrease I felt anxious and scared. Sounds stupid right? I plucked up the courage to ask in the group I am in on FB and I THINK I GET IT

But then i don’t, It was explaining to me but I’m like how do you know when to decrease? So it was explained that you just get to the width you want etc and decrease. SO me feeling super tired I tried not to give attitude but it was ‘won’t it make the picture look odd’ Because at this point I’m tired and I’ve been sat for over 4 hours trying to find a picture or graph to do…

I’m getting pissed off, I won’t lie. I don’t care if right now my blog is not tolerable nor my language but seriously I want to sleep but at the same time I can’t sleep until I’ve made a decision and done some form of crocheting LOL.


SO it was explained more better and these are the words:

“Say your graph is 80 long and 50 wide, you’d decrease one side once you have got to 50 wide. Then keep going with the design on a diagonal until the length is 80. Then you’d decrease that side too, still doing the design on a diagonal.”


When will i know to decrease? Does this graph point it out. Am i missing something, am i that FLOCKING (yes I have used a better word) stupid!?!?!?!

Maybe tomorrow, maybe I will understand because even after hours of watching Mikey on the crochet crowd and we are talking hours. My brain, right now is frazzled.


I have not been inspired to write either, which sucks. I have crochet brain this week..

I big you good night.


10 thoughts on “Crocheting is driving me crazy”

  1. I normally print out the graph and then I cross out each diagonal as I work through them in c2c. Once I reach a corner on my paper, I know that it’s time to decrease that corner on my c2c. Good luck and I hope that helps!

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  2. Awww you just need a good sleep Rebecca. I have not done c2c yet but I imagine it would be the same concept as doing an amigurumi head – you start the decreases after you reach the middle of the face. Try again tomorrow. šŸ™‚

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