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Sunday diary – Crochet & Knitting is everywhere


Happy Sunday folks! I’m feeling quite refreshed but I woke up with a super tickly cough today which was annoying. I always get the bad side of hay fever and it effects me terribly and with the UK having some nice hot weather today it’s been awful!

Apart from that, I went to my mothers for Sunday dinner and I am so full as she cooks way too much and even though I couldn’t move I still made sure I could eat a fruit salad with ice cream.
AND I always come home with a bag full of items that she palms off on me. This week i have 3 duck egg throw pillows, bottles of pop, cheese sauce, bacon and the rest of that ice cream! Got to lover her πŸ˜€

One of the pillows! Rubbish lighting but they will go nicely on my bed πŸ˜€ With my millions of plain grey duvets sets LOL

This post anyway was inspired by my first picture! My crochet/knitted summer boho cardigan my mum bought me a few years ago when we went shopping. Surprisingly it still fits me as it’s only a Medium size and i remember trying a large on and it was too big. I thought it was perfect for this lovely sunshine weather we had been getting and you know me i love my boho/hippy things at the moment.
I can’t figure it out if it is crocheted (Obviously manufactured) but the material is quite odd. It’s a little stretchy but cooling. It doesn’t feel like cotton or wool but I haven’t checked the label.

Awesome blurry bathroom selfie LOLΒ 

I went shopping again with a friend a few days ago and everywhere I looked, I saw numerous tops, cardigans etc that were crochet.
One thing that angers me is that I know people that don’t appreciate crafts like this, but would probably see a top that was crocheted in a store and buy it because of the fashion statement or how pretty it looks.
But It also angers me because of people who make a living out of their crafts, or are planning (me) to do this in the future. It costs a lot more to make and the time itself and people will always see that manufactured items are cheaper. How do or how can little businesses survive? – Silly question as they are probably doing just fine.
I don’t actually dislike peopleΒ who prefer to buy things that are cheap because i do understand how hard it is when money gets involved and you can’t always afford so i won’t ever judge someone for NOT buying small businesses because I am one of those people who needs to budget Β – It’s the appreciation that lacks.

I remember when the mermaid tail blankets came so hyped, and a girl on my FB was asking about them, in fact she shared a picture of a manufactured one. I mentioned that I make them but they won’t be as cheap as that and I fully understand your decision as i knew this was a woman with two kids and it was a few months before Christmas.
She messaged me and I explained the cost, most of the time I literally only charge people for the cost of my yarn and say Β£5.00 extra for time or if they want it delivered. Most of the time this is fine, but she said she would get back to me and i left it at that.
Two minutes later someone else posted on her status and shared a link of ones on Ebay for Β£10.00 – THE ANNOYING thing is the stock photo they were using was actually a blanket that was made by a Youtuber which in fact i watched who happened to do the tutorial on these. Secondly, they were posting it as handmade. It really wasn’t, It came from a UK seller that was selling all sorts of crap – This was not the only seller that was doing this. Amazon had them, even clothing retailers did.
Was pissed me off was how my comment was then shot down, the person was like

“Ebay do them for cheap”
My ‘friend’ “Thanks ill have a look n get one”

Was i right to be annoyed? I don’t know. I just wished people knew and understood the LOVE and TIME that goes into our work. None the less, I don’t actually use my FB page as somewhere to commission work now. It auto posts my blog and on my personal page I will share my current makes etc and I get interest that way if I ever make anything.
People tend to pay up front now as well to cover the cost, as funnily enough. The same person that asked about a mermaid tail wanted me to make her a matching and scarf around January time, I actually stopped making it because she never contacted me about payment and never heard off her since. I didn’t contact her because she told me a date she would pay me and I am not someone who asks for the money, I assume that we are all pissing adults and can commit to things and be honest.

I fell like I have totally rambled on, but the morale of the story is none. LOL How funny, no seriously. After seeing these beautiful clothes that are crocheted like the one my mum bought me (which wasn’t even a time i started to crochet) I’ve decided that I will make my clothes from now on. WELL not all of them, but I will invest some time in making some summer tops and things.


C2C update.

I have only been crocheting my C2C blanket – I have not touched anything else which is quite odd for me. In order for me to keep my pages up to date and my FB I feel like I need to share and make things all the time, which is quite bad. BUT I have taken a break and I am now fully committed to starting a graph C2C as well. I’ve calmed down and planning.

Here is my C2C blanket so far, it kind of covers my legs easily lol



I did mentioned that I would update the first post about how to do a C2C But i really forgot so here is the link where I learned this.

Crochet Crowd – C2C


I hope everyone who has had lovely weather has enjoyed it, and hope you all have or are having a great Sunday (I see clouds of grey)




9 thoughts on “Sunday diary – Crochet & Knitting is everywhere”

  1. I agree with the frustration that many people just don’t appreciate the cost of something handmade and would much prefer to buy cheap and cheerful . However, there are still many out there who appreciate quality and handiwork – and hopefully they will find you and us other crafters!


  2. I agree 1000%. I have tried selling my items at craft fairs and flea markets only to have people say pretty they are but put it down after they see the price. If I truly priced it for the labor i put into it would be even more expensive! I have fun making them but I wish I could sell some too 😦 I find that people on Etsy seem to get it, almost everyone on there is a crafter or appreciates them, but my sales are slow on there too, there are just so many sellers and stuff to choose from !! Enjoy your weather πŸ™‚ Your C2C blanket is looking good!

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    1. Exactly! If only peoole knew the time and everything else. It makes you feel guilty enough as it is to Atleast price them fairly as possible! Etsy is deffo a good place to get respected for handmade but yes you really have to grind it to get sales as so many things are the same. I heard that the more you had in the store the more likely you would get noticed not sure if that’s a good tip! But only so much your hands can make πŸ˜…πŸ˜… thank you! I’ve taken a wee break haven’t crocheted at all today, supposed to be going out Friday spending all day trying to find an outfit that fits LOL


  3. Hi Rebecca, here in Milan we also had a sunny Sunday! I agree with you when you say that some people don’t understand how much work and time and patience it takes to knit/crochet something. I also crochet mermaid tail blankets and when I saw them on Amazon I really was disappointed! Because some people don’t even see the difference between handmade and industrial items … It’s only a matter of price …
    Have a nice week!

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    1. Nice to hear you had a sunny day! Yes it’s so annoying, sometimes you just want to shake people lol! Keep making and enjoying the craft. Once the industrial crap falls apart they will soon realise πŸ˜… have a nice week also x

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  4. I personally love reading your rants!! This one was pretty mild. One of the reasons that I have never really explored trying to make an income with my crochet is because of what you were talking about. I’ve been crocheting more of my own clothes for the past few years. I haven’t bought a new sweater in at least 2 years. I’m trying to think of ways I can make some maxi skirts that aren’t too heavy to wear in the summer! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lmao mild! Well sometimes things just have to be addressed LOL. and yes exactly it stops people but selling isn’t always for everyone.. Omg no way?!?! I bet you have a wardrobe full of amazing crocheted clothes. Maxi skirt, yessssss. Maybe a 4ply cotton? I have a maxi skirt that’s just generic striped fabric and it’s still kind of heavy but I know what you mean some are really light. Maybe search etsy or pinterest for materials people use for that kind of thing

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      1. I have some amazing soft Red Heart Unforgettable yarn or even Caron Cakes! I can try do a few rows in Single stitch to cover my big butt then open it up with a nice lacy pattern!! I am inspired now!

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