I’m back – My week in a nutshell


So i took that break from the blog, and i didn’t think it would also mean i took a break from crocheting and writing. But lets be honest my writing has gone and I’ve hit a brick wall – Alex doesn’t want to come back and I am okay with that for a while.

Let’s start with where i left off, i was ready and off for a girls night in. Which was amazing! I didn’t get home til around 7am the next day and boy was i feeling sorry for myself. Yup, i woke up still drunk and it wasn’t until Thursday night I felt my normal self.
It’s safe to say that I don’t think i will be stupid enough to drink that much again as i know deep down it doesn’t agree with my body and I suffered with major anxiety for two days BUT I enjoyed myself.
I laughed until i couldn’t breathe and my neck and throat the next day was in such pain.

I also saw a memory pop up on my FB if you can see me on the collage top right, I’m with my friend and it was a good few years ago maybe at least 5 – We went to London for her birthday as her birthday falls on New years day and of course we went on the London eye!
I’d been on it before when i used to regularly visit a few other friends but it was still a great time especially at night!

My second yarn order arrived on the Tuesday for my c2c blanket which I’m taking my mothers today and do some of it. I also bought King Cole riot in the lovely green tones and thinking of making a shawl – Scrapping the one I currently have and using this yarn instead.

Last Monday was also a day where we laid my boyfriends nana to rest and so it was a time where i felt i needed to just take that little bit of time for myself as death seems to be something that lays heavy on the soul.
Tuesday again, my boyfriends mother flew back to Spain and we spent most of the day/afternoon with her until she left.

Friday i went shopping and got myself some new shoes, when i will wear them i don’t know but i think they are pretty cool!
I’m actually pissed off that my jeans don’t fit. The struggles of being a girl! No seriously, I had two pairs of jeans black high waist and some normal dark blue. My black ones have been binned because i wore them that much they have holes where no hole should be.
So i thought you know i can’t wear the same pair all the time, but when I am in the house i generally only wear leggins or lounge pants.
So i went to the SAME store i got those black jeans from, i was going to get the same type until i saw what is like the current trends.
They have these jeans called ‘mum’ jeans – They are loose and look so comfy, some are plain and some have those little rips in them. I picked up a pair of plain black ones and I was super chuffed as I am a casual person and these were my style.
I got the same size as the black jeans and the blue ones i WAS wearing that day.
I never try shit on, i don’t have the patience to be in and out of a changing room it annoys me.
I got home, tried these jeans on – They didn’t fit. In fact I couldn’t even get them over my arse! I cried inside and i was mad but also confused. Apart of me was like you need to diet and sort your shit out then i realised that it wasn’t because I had put weight on.
It’s the cheap shitty store that is called PRIMARK. I mean why do my other jeans fit but not these? So now I have to go back next week and either exchange them or get my money back. I am probably going to exchange and get a few tops with the credit and go else where for jeans. – Seriously though no wonder women have so many issues with themselves.

Apart from that, the rest of the weekend has been relaxed. I sorted out my shoe/coat cupboard and literally threw out 4 bin bags  full of shoes and crap. I still have the corner of it to sort out but most of that is boxes of books and my jewelry making stuff. I keep thinking i should give all that away but I can’t part with that craft, i may go back to it one day but i just like the beads to be honest.


I also bought ANOTHER box for my yarn. I had bags and things just placed on top of my other boxes so they needed a home! I put all my current yarn that i use in one box and the ones i will be using – I also sorted out my WIP bag and got a tin to put my pens and pencils in for when I’m drawing etc.
I also sorted out all of my notebooks where I make notes of patterns and stitches and threw some old ones out from many moons ago.

It’s kind of tidier in my bedroom I still have some more things that need throwing out which i will get to this week. It feels good to get rid of things!


Welcome to my office!

So i don’t have room or money or even a glamorous home where I have a special craft room or office. My creations consist of me sitting on the floor like the above picture or on my bed!

Now I was playing around with the idea of a c2c graphgan. I got pissed off with stitch fiddle BUT IVE MASTERED IT.



I spent a while finding the right picture an then when i did i sat with relief YES FINALLY I CAN DO THIS. I went out got my black and white yarn (yes more yarn) printed off the graph and got pissed off.
I could barely see the boxes and with it being a black background it was even harder, so i was like hmm. I went out got some of those gold/silver Sharpies and thought i need these to make it easier to mark off.

Nope, so i changed everything.
I am no longer doing a c2c graphgan I am doing a SC (Single crochet) graph. The first time i printed it off, i realised that if i did it as a c2c it would be the size of my room. So keep that in mind folks when your making your graph pictures of the rows etc.

But i kept the measurements the same when i re-printed it as it works out differently.



Firstly, i set my colours as just two as i knew that i would only be using black and white yarn.
Secondly I changed how many pages I wanted it to be printed. This helps ALOT!
So the more pages, the bigger the squares/stitches are.
Thirdly, to make it easier i used grey as my main colour on paper but I am still using black yarn. This is to make sure my eyes are less strained etc as i do wear glasses and I don’t have the best sight.

So, heres the fun part. The larger boxes all have mini squares in them. The mini squares are your stitches. So each little square represents one sc.
You also don’t work from the corner you work as normal like a blanket but you still do the same concept of a c2c graph going along but marking it off etc.

When you look at the boxes the little squares are always ten across and ten up. So you will have 100 mini stitches/squares inside that box. Unless where if you can see my pattern cuts off at the end.
So I know how many to chain, 10 across for each box plus the 6 at the end. So i have 116 to chain and going up you just count for the height.
I’ll chain 116 + 1 as you will always work second chain from the hook.
It’s as easy as that! One little square is one sc 😀
I am about to get started on this tomorrow with a fresh mindset. Though i will be sorting out how many bobbins ill need tonight etc.

I have kind of lost my crojo a little and I am trying it hard to get motivated to do all these projects – I think i need some smaller, fun things to make?

(I’ve also forgotten i used to do a weekly diary so i think I will change it to weekly round up)


Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all have a great day ❤


7 thoughts on “I’m back – My week in a nutshell”

  1. I love those shoes!! I have finally busted out all of my nice stretchy waist maxi skirts for the year and I am so happy! I will live in these skirts until it gets too cold to wear them. I do have like 3 skirt patterns in mind that I’m itching to start crocheting. I understand about Alex running off – so like her to just pack up and leave town! I will miss her but that’s how she rolls – you can’t pin down a chic like Alex!! Glad you had a good week (except for the funeral 😦 ) and I’m glad you’re back at it!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are comfy which is surprising lol! Oooooo i need some maxi skirts i never know what to wear with them i have such rubbish style i just throw together an outfit. You need to make a maxi skirt asap im dying to see what you make ❤ – Well today was supposed to be productive with the batman blanket but now i want to make my friends baby a dress lol!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I just wear the maxi skirts with a tank top. When I get a minute I’ll email you the ideas I have and we can make us some rockin’ maxi skirts!!! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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