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Where I’m at with the Bat! – Not very far


Okay i will admit something right now! I got distracted making this and i decided to make my friends daughter a dress.
I’ve got a ton of Drops cotton left WELL it looked a lot and now i’ve ran out of yarn to finish the dress and it’s not even half way. ALSO I think i may of done it wrong, I’ve had to contact the pattern designer as some of the rounds aren’t that clear.

Right so Batman – Yes my sexy man. I’ve done like 6 rows :/ It’s actually quite tedious and I’ve already gotten peeved with the damn thing because i made a mistake already, which shows on the picture – That’s also supposed to be the right side. BUT actually if i just sewed a little white it would be fine. I basically didn’t pull my black yarn on the side it should of been if that makes sense? So now my right side looks like the wrong side and vice versa. Though it doesn’t look that bad, it’s just the beginning of it and I’ve got the hang of it.

It does not help that my white yarn sucks ass

Seriously, its DK but feels like 2 ply. Not even joking, I hate white yarn I HATES IT  *gollum gollum*

I reckon if i limit myself to about 15 rows a day I’ll get this beast done in a few weeks.

I’ts also not the size of a blanket – I chained 116 it’s going to be apart of a blanket. YUP I plan on making The Joker, Harlequin, Robin & Cat woman. So eventually in about 1 year it will be a full blanket.

I aren’t even kidding you on the time scale because here is a list of WIPS I need to finish

  • Bina the bear (URGH)
  • Spring blanket (DOUBLE URGH)
  • C2C
  • Baby dress (NEW project)
  • Retro diamonds blanket
  • Neutral hexagon blanket
  • Charlottes dream (WOW almost forgot that one URGH)
  • AND anything else i haven’t already started to make LOL


So yup, I’m slacking this year. I want at least 3 things done by the end of this month and that’s not a lot of time.

Anyways, it’s past midnight my eyes sting my neck and back hurts. I’m tempted to order myself a walking stick and maybe hire some help.

Have a good one!



6 thoughts on “Where I’m at with the Bat! – Not very far”

  1. The character blanket sounds amazing and I can’t wait to see it finished (MAYBE at the end of the year 😉). I’m the same on WIPs and glad to see IM not the only one who leaves room for the ones I haven’t started yet!


  2. Wow you have a lot of projects!! Makes me feel pretty good I only have 2 right now – my daughter’s birthday present – which is a super priority, and a summer top that I put down only because I have to focus on the birthday present! It really feels kind of weird only having 2 wips….. I’m 99.9% sure I will be starting the skirt (I emailed you) tomorrow or tonight LOL!!

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    1. Damn 2? That’s actually really good! Such self control lol. Will your daughters present take long? Oh don’t forget your mandala! I just checked my emails and can’t find anything? Re send if you get chance and will check in the morning, super excited 😀 : D

      Liked by 1 person

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