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WIP Thursday (New trend)


So yesterday was a crap day. I didn’t crochet til around 10PM, well properly. I did some more of the baby dress in the morning but all day i felt so tired. I think I was just having a low day but I feel good today πŸ˜€
I was up late a few nights ago watching programme’s and i think when you have so many days in a row of being up late and up early it catches up with you.

I made some more diamonds last night for a project i started a while back.
The photo on the left is two new additions to the retro theme and I am slightly pissed off that the mustard colour i already have lol!! It looks slightly lighter than the picture on the right though but GRRRRR!!! I think i like the new one more.
ALSO I made around 8 diamonds and when i checked my stash this morning, they are smaller than the ones I previously made LOL GRRR AGAIN. So i need to add 1 extra round on my new ones.

So i have 4 colours so far, I got i think two more shades I plan on using. I haven’t bothered with the ends or blocking yet because the thought of it makes me sick. Though I will consider sorting the ends out soon as I really don’t want a ton when this thing is finally done.
I also aren’t sure how big this will turn out, I guess I will keep making diamonds until my balls have been used.



This is the baby dress i have so far. Now i was actually using my Drops cotton that I had spare but I didn’t have enough of the pink and white – Plus it was in aran weight and didn’t really feel dainty enough and it kept splitting as the pattern says to use 3.5mm hook. BUT Drops cotton is known for splitting, I still love Drops though.

So what happened was, i ended up nipping to my yarn shop and getting some new yarn. I ended up spending another 20 odd which i think was a tad off as the sparkly pink yarn was discounted – That added up fine but when i looked at my receipt and saw how much the white was (These are only 50g balls) I was like hmm I am damn sure that it was pretty much the same price on the shelf as the pink. I would of gone back but the lady that served me is scary and she always has this unapproachable vibe about her. So i left it, so friend if your reading this – PLEASE love this dress for your daughter LOL!

I am doing it in 18-24 months and it says 200g – I got 3 white and two pink which Is way more than enough because now that I am progressing I’m only on my first ball of pink and its only about half used. If it does end up with me having lots left over I am going to make some matching sandals.


Now the pattern was paid YES PAID – TamiΒ will kill me LOL! But I literally couldn’t resist! 99% of the patterns i use are rarely paid for, the damn thing has to be special if i pay for it! But after browsing for hours for a free pattern I couldn’t find anything to match this one AND I have never made baby clothes before so i was a little scared in trying my own design.

Anyways, the pink with glitter in is a lot more delicate than the white even though they are the same weight but I think when I have used sparkly yarn before It’s always been a lot softer – In most cases. I’ve picked up some nasty ass scratchy glitter yarn before.

OH I was going somewhere with the pattern ha. Well I am on the last part of the main body of the dress and it says repeat rounds 3+4 ten more times – Now I can’t show the pattern because it’s paid and i don’t the crochet police banging on my door. BUT I have about 3 rows left and so far it doesn’t seem long enough?
Does the pattern mean, 10 times round 3 and 10 times round 4?
I will show a picture of the dress on the pattern so you can see the length – as i believe that is allowed;


I think I am going to go ahead with more rows and make sure everything measures right as it does say it should measure something but I don’t know, everything else has been super easy to follow and then yeah. Which i guess is the flaw of paying for shit!!!!!
Hoping to get this done today, after the main body I will only need to do the straps and add the buttons.
Which i kind of read over straps it seems easy enough but i feel like if i have made a mistake somewhere in making this then that bit might not go to plan SO I will probably end up just doing my own thing.


Also the only reason i bought this pattern was to see how something like this would gauge and how they calculate sizes for babies and kids – I’ve made booties in the past and I can make them without looking at a pattern but because every kid is different with growth and size I just wanted to gauge.

I won’t be buying a pattern again for a while – I am sorry if that offends anyone, i just think sometimes they can be too pricey and only do it if you are looking for something specific and unique.
CRAP I’ve talked a lot LOL – So that’s it from me, alsoΒ MrsCraftΒ mentioned in her last post about leaving Instagram accounts etc I think this a awesome idea, especially as crafters to stay connected!
SO if you have it, leave it in the comments. Mine is Twinklehook_

Have a great day! It’s almost Friday AGAIN – Seriously where is life going lol?!



12 thoughts on “WIP Thursday (New trend)”

  1. Wow, I can’t believe I wasn’t already following you or Tami (?!?!?!) on IG. I thought that’s where I had found all my blogs in the first place. Now I feel bad! But it’s been corrected @designingus. I taught myself to crochet through YouTube, so I’ve never had that basic period where you make your own thing. Since I really can’t “wing” anything (yet, always yet), I’ve found that purchasing patterns usually goes much better than using free ones. The purchased patterns are all nicely tested and I almost always get the expected result. Not so for freebies. Luckily, I have yet to not make my pattern purchase back in sales. Getting back the pattern and yarn money on a new item is about the only reason I sale anything at all, lol. I really can’t stand making the same thing over and over.

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    1. Only just noticed this comment! I’m hopeless πŸ˜…πŸ˜… I forget about insta most of the time to follow people so it’s okay I will find you :D. You are right about the patterns, paid ones are higher quality most of the time! I’ve had better luck with free patterns though on people’s blogs or watching tutorials on how to do it. Can you imagine if we had a job 6 days a week 8 hours a day making Granny squares :/ I’d cry πŸ˜… – also struggle with selling and making back the yarn etc. I see so many people who don’t seem to struggle with sales?

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  2. I think I’ve only bought one pattern so far and it was for a jumper (because sizes are hard!) and it was spot on πŸ™‚ I’m emmazocco on instagram, I’ll go follow you now πŸ™‚

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  3. I only buy patterns if it’s the perfect thing I’m looking for. Then I buy it and realise that if I’d had a think I could probably have worked it out! Sized items are tricky though. Also I like patterns that are good value, like the slippers pattern which had baby up to adult sizes. The dress is just adorable!

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    1. Yeah totally agree! Sometimes patterns look hard but then it’s just so basic. I wonder how often people just take other people’s ideas and kind of turn it around lol. Those slippers are amazing! And also like you said good value you can make as many in whatever size & thanks I think it’s one of the nicest ones I’ve come across to make so far lol.

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  4. Awwww that dress is so CUTE! I probably would have bought the pattern too, just because I’m not advanced enough yet to have the faintest idea how to do those stitches.

    Am I following you on insta? I know I’ve found some of my blogging friends, but not all. I’m quietwatercraft13 if not!

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  5. You are just too too funny Miss Rebecca! πŸ˜€ It is really really pretty – that is some very impressive crochet Girl! Bravo!! I think it was a good investment to buy the pattern so you can get the sizing down for your own designs. I think your instincts to add more rounds is spot on. I think the pattern wants you to do 10 rounds of 3 and 10 of 4 for 20 total rounds. Does your site theme have widgets? I put a widget on mine that has an icon to follow me on instagram. I am dashing to my phone and insta-following you the minute after I hit this little post comment button! πŸ˜€


    1. Ahhh I was so worried it wouldn’t turn out right with never doing something like this now I feel like I can tackle adult clothes lol! I still regret buying it because it pushing Β£5 mark and I think that’s alot for a pattern but lesson learnt – I should have a fb, pinterest and instagram icon on my right side of the blog but I’m thinking of putting them all in the main logo. Will follow you back! Woop I love instagram πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

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      1. you know how I feel about facebook blech! But I keep thinking maybe I should make one just for Tanglewood Knots. It just makes me want to vomit thinking of making a fb account. LOL

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      2. I have a page and it literally just shares my blog posts but I’m gonna start doing more on it at some point but for me I don’t get many page likes probably because I don’t know many people lol! Try it out for a week then seen? I always say instagram is better for getting your shit shown and known

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