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Motivation Monday – help!

Was hoping to progressed with my wips but my hayfever is pissing me off today.

I need a push guys! I want to get the dress done today, finish bina the bear & have Atleast started decreasing my c2c by tonight.

I was going to start a mandala with that new yarn but I’ve told myself no more projects finish your shit!

But then I saw this cute thing last night on the amigurumi app

I won’t do I promise –
So here it goes guys I got this, I can do this????? If I have succeeded then you will see another post later tonight.

Happy Monday everyone, wips at the ready! 


6 thoughts on “Motivation Monday – help!”

      1. Yeah I’m getting ready for nap #1 for today. There’s probably going to be another later this afternoon!! LOL It does feel good to get all pumped up and say YEAH I’m going to do EVERYTHING today!!! but then I just get sleepy after using all the energy to get pumped up. 😀

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      2. Hahahaha! I just saw your email. OMG YES, it’s like right get up woo wo wooo then after its like yawn damn half the day gone getting excited! I got up at 11am so I aren’t napping but your so right, enjoy your first nap 😀

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