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Twinklehook website

So I may of spoken in the past about having my own website and online store 

For a while I played with the idea of having a online store. Originally I wanted to sell yarn but with money and really looking into it, I think this might be a venture in the near future.

I also realised that I’m not that a popular blogger or have much instagram fame so without much money to back me up and low social media following I didn’t want to push my website and was looking towards late summer.

That was until yesterday a huge light bulb went off and I had an idea – something that I won’t be letting you guys know until I’m 100% it will work.

But my plan is to sell my crafts and have a cute little website to do that with.  I am officially twinklehook not just as a name on a blog or social media but I have a website and I now have this moment to try and shine.

I have and vision and even though I’m poor as hell it’s going to be a rocky road but I’m determined to make this work. 

If my current plan the one I aren’t revealing is not doable with my website platform I will find a way to make it work even if it means tweaking and going back to the drawing board.

For now here is my main page of my website, everything else is not accessible but it has my social media links to hopefully get the word around! 

twinkle hook website 
I’m still working on making the link secure. Don’t worry you won’t get hacked but it’s for the future of having a shop so people can shop safely. 

Happy freaking Wednesday everyone! 


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