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WIP Wednesday – A bit of a quickie



Technically this isn’t a work in progress as I’ve just finished it. I’ve not even bothered weaving in the ends!

OKAY – It’s a C2C washcloth aka flannel, them things that clean you!

So if you are like me, when i clean my bathroom i tend to chuck out bottles and when it comes to flannels i throw them out. I literally hate how they go after washing them and using them, they just feel kind of rough and gross.
I thought HEY whats quick? Washcloth – Whats even quicker? C2C




The good stuff

So I think i said before i never liked the C2C til recently – This washcloth took me around 45 minutes to make. How good is that? I’m going to make a few more this evening, but I’ll be testing this one out when i have my bath later.

I used some of that Rico cotton in 4ply i got for the baby dress – 50g ball and I haven’t even used it all. I could probably make two more out of it.

3.5MM hook

OH I did about 10 rows before squaring it off


Alrighty then so that’s my WIP for today


Soda water with lime is the best drink ever and my sandwich kind of looks DISGUSTING on the photo but its actually lettuce, cucumber, grated cheese and a bit of sweet chilli sauce ’cause mama knows i love that. Oh and brown bread – I’m being healthy, even though i’ve got two sandwiches but I am so hungry today and my branflakes for breakfast didn’t really make me full. I have some water melon I’m going to cut up tomorrow.


So whats on your hooks today?!



10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – A bit of a quickie”

  1. You are in a very productive mood today Rebecca! I need to take a day to whip up some washcloths and cleaning cloths – but not this crazy week!!! I’m plugging away on the pillows still. Making good progress. But things were going too smoothly so I decided to get some stress going on here at my house so I can keep that crazy energy going! I’ll be posting on it in a little while. πŸ˜€

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    1. Haha! I had to do something because I’ve got a headache from the website and I keep switching to farming simulator. Ooooo the pillow keep on trucking πŸ˜… have fun with that stress I’ll send some of mine your way πŸ˜€

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