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Beauty & The Beast colour palette (Free)



Happy Saturday guys! I hope you are all well, the weather is a bit gloomy here but in all honesty I am kind of feeling it.
Something about the grey clouds and rain makes me feel more inspired than when the suns out. Because basically, I am a really miserable person.

Anyway – I have been busy as hell with my website and kind of taken a break from Crocheting which I shouldn’t be doing but i just need to find some kind of balance at the moment.
Want to know something funny? I found a bunch of Granny squares from last year that i started to make and never got round to even making more LOL! So I guess I now have one extra WIP to my list.

SO, I have this feature that I’ll be adding colour palettes to my site for inspiration and to help people choose or get an idea of what kind of colours. I’ve made 6 so far but I’ll be adding more further down the line

I made this Beauty And The Beast one, I mean i guess you guys could easily Google it and loads would pop up but I didn’t want to take pictures from Google not knowing the licensing permissions so i decided that I would make my own.

Feel free to save it and do whatever you want, I’m kind of hoping I will get to use these colours one day for a custom order!
This weekend I am going to get that bloody baby dress done and also plan some pre made sets for my site. I am using the Bank holiday as an excuse to just crochet and not work to much on the computer.
I also want to actually start progressing with that Batman square I started to make so my goal to get two/three projects done kind of went out of the window.
What can i say my mind is always on the go!

Also I am sorry but this needs to be said, I hate that time of the month. It’s disgusting, i literally feel so gross. I mean it makes me feel sick and i dread going to the toilet. I want to eat every god damn thing in my cupboards, i was doing kind of okay this week eating healthy and then I ended up with a double cheese burger last night when i came back from having drinks, i want a Chinese take out tonight. I will have it I don’t care LOL. I had a meat and potato pie for lunch today, like i just need everything right now!!!
FML – If you can’t take this being talked about skip ahead!

Right so that’s out of the way – what’s on peoples hooks/paper/canvas/plate (mmm food) or what are your weekend plans? ALSO why does the weekend just go, like it’s fresh air just poof and its back to being Monday.

Stay safe and have fun!!!


8 thoughts on “Beauty & The Beast colour palette (Free)”

  1. You’re crazy!! You really really are! I like the color palettes – I worry that I miss out on a lot of great color combinations just because I don’t see the two skeins when they’re next to each other. The pillows I just made are a good example – I didn’t buy any of that yarn to use together. Anyways – thanks for the update on your special lady business! I will trade you some eclairs for a cheeseburger!!!! πŸ˜€

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    1. Being crazy keeps me going πŸ˜… I’m the same sometimes it’s really hard for me to just think of colours I have to look at yarn and be like yes that looks good! Especially when you work from your stash. Pinterest is the best for finding colours and shit. No problem for that update I needed to vent πŸ˜… oooooo gimme them eclairs!!! Have you ever made or had cream horns? Flaky pastry with cream and jam I think jam is in them lol with bits of sugar around the pastry.

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