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Website (Preview) & Crochet update


It’s Sunday here folks and I’m pretty tired today! I couldn’t sleep for shit last night. We ordered take out last night as it was Saturday and i was truly disappointed.

We had a pizza and it was piss poor. We opened the box and it looked like they had used the damn thing as a frisby! All the toppings were falling off and the cheese, half of the pizza had been squished to one side so the slices were mushed together. I was so hungry and tired I couldn’t be bothered to call and complain – We are regular with these so i think I’ll just mention in on my JustEat review! Will stop being a regular now and find some where else as its been too many times that our foods been crap, not to mention the times when they forget our drinks!

So rant over – I’ve got some print screens of my website and I thought I would share them with you guys on how everything is looking and sort of the general idea. I spent around 4 days picking colours, headers and fonts and it’s been the hardest decision of my life.
I finally picked a colour theme, I’ve kept it simple and used an orange colour as my main colour. I was playing around with colours and I had green for a while and it started to piss me off – As much as i love green right now I was getting any vibes from it, so I found this colour orange! Then the fonts – Seriously who would of thought?!?!
I’ve not gone crazy with fonts, I’ve kept the writing pretty simple which is best.


I will say sorry if the pictures aren’t very big I have scaled them down for this post. I thought long and hard about sizes it’s measured in inches. It’s still in test mode and i can already see a word that shouldn’t be in the title LOL but the general idea is to have a few categories – Enough to not over whelm myself and the 30×35, 36×54 are a generally quick blanket size to make up being the standard (ish) baby sizes.



Okay apart from it zooming when i cropped this picture, hopefully you can see that once you click on a size you have the custom boxes where you customize and tell me what you want. So it gives you the chance to be creative and easier for you!
I have the inspiration page done which I aren’t showing today but it has my pin boards of palettes, blanket ideas and a quick run down on what yarns to choose. I am offering Acrylic DK for now in dk and chunky until I can figure out an average price i would spend if i used cotton etc.
I have a little talk about colour changing yarns also which at the moment would be an extra cost as prices vary but I have info links incase people might not even know what a colour changing yarn is.
The most important thing for me is, that if you have no idea about crochet blankets or how to request and buy one, I want to  give people as much info – Customers need to know what they are buying.
It’s not like my FB friends who see my stuff and can just pop me a message asking me to do a rainbow blanket.



I have a 10%  discount code for everyone to use and it never expires, I also offer free postage in the UK for orders over £35.00 – I am working on prices for international shipping and at the moment its standard and it can’t be helped. Rather than UK shipping being calculated on weight of items which  can be a pain because I suck at weighing and all that I’ve given  a set price of shipping – I think it’s a fair price as its Royal mail 1st class TRACKED. So the customer and i can track it at all times.
That’s actually the rough price of a parcel depending on weight. I paid around £5.50 for a parcel of yarn to be sent tracked and most of the time when I’ve sent parcels it’s stuck around that price range.



As you can see the payment method is powered by Paypal – This doesn’t mean you need a paypal account to jut auto pay. Paypal has a manual function to just pop in your card details like you would with anywhere else online. For me, Paypal is safer, quicker and reliable.
I have the SSL security on my website so everything you type and add or browse will be 100% secure but Paypal offers that EXTRA security on top. I can’t stress enough that this is something I’ve always been obsessed with and have a little OCD when it comes to web security.


This is how everything should look and will be invoiced. Customers will auto receive an invoice once payment has been made. I have a function on my website to send emails once item is completed, packed, ready to be shipped and has been shipped. I won’t over use this but if a customer requires an update as the turn around for some blankets are 2-4 weeks then I am quite happy to do so.
This invoice makes it so much easier than messaging me telling me what you want because it’s easily forgotten. Its professional and it’s in my records.

How easy is it right? It would take you no longer than 10 minutes to place an order.
I’ve got some tweaks to do, so I’m adding a pre made category and will be making up some quick things to sell – Not a lot as I don’t want to be over whelmed with stock and it might take a while to sell. I’m probably not going to be making it rain over night.
Which is why I want to spend some time promoting and tweaking my FB page.

This is the first sort of glance I’ve given to anyone as my blog is my everything and shit will always be posted here first! OH except for my mum LOL


Crocheting –

Well, I’ve been so into doing the website I’m taking a few days break now to crochet and clean the damn house LOL – The ironing is piling again, the laundry is and my bedroom/office is over whelmed with paper and notes i’ve been making.

So i gots to get projects done! I will more than likely be posting again this evening with crochet things as the dress will be done!


Happy Sunday where ever you are 😀



4 thoughts on “Website (Preview) & Crochet update”

  1. wow you’re really taking off with this! Great progress!!! I really like the way that you’re thinking everything through so thoroughly – people that don’t know how to crochet really do need all of this information so that they get what they want! Well done Rebecca!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Its bloody stressful though – Exactly I wanna make sure everyone knows what they are doing because i dont want to be someone that false advertises and people complain. Munching my pot noodle now LOL

      Liked by 1 person

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