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Crochet 12 point star ripple blanket


Why do i do this to myself?

WIP number 100 – Yup, more work. I used my pretty unicorn (poppin candy) yarn to start this 12 point star ripple.

I’ve been looking at this yarn since i got it and i did attempt a shawl and frogged it. I was like, i did NOT pay £20.00 for one skien of yarn. YUP expensive! BUT the big question is, is it worth it?

Okay well I can’t give you an answer on that one yet because its 4ply and I rarely work with 4ply so it feels different and I am struggling with my tension. Though I know people are massively bigging up this yarn by scheepjes and I think stores do so for sales etc, but also because it comes in such beautiful colours.

I don’t usually review yarns but because this one is costly I will give you a little tell all on how i feel about it but I will do a full review once I’ve finished this blanket (DON’T ASK WHEN)

So apart from it being pricey but beautiful it’s actually really soft and lightweight. It’s 60% cotton and 40% acrylic. Two of my favourite fibers. It is around 225 grams and has around 1000m! YUP so you kind of are getting value for money… In a sense.
I’ve seen a completed blanket with ONE ball measuring in at 35x35inches- Using more yarn will obviously increase but this is a standard baby size so I’m going to do some maths/break downs with you.


The maths

So let’s say i want to make a blanket for someone measuring at 35X35 inches – Now I use Stylecraft DK yarn which comes in at £1.85 per 100g and around 295m per skien.
Now this person wants 5 colours, so thats £9.25 and 1,475m in total.

Now, depending on pattern I probably won’t even use all full balls so i could easily extend the size – You with me? Though stylecraft DK is boring and it’s not beautiful yes I hear you all chewing your tongue – Okay so lets to a price comparison on a colour changing yarn. I will use three types here, Caron Cakes because of the popularity, Drops delight because i want to test the 4ply & 50g  skiens and Stylecraft cabaret because its a lovely colour change.

Still basing this on the 35×35 blanket that one whirl cake made.

Caron Cakes – £9.99 per 200g 350m

Will need aprox 2 skiens  – £19.98 400g 700m – This actually makes a 30x25inches blanket
(Yup, i double checked it was possible)

Drops Delight – £2.10 per 50g 175meters

Will need aprox (going by the 5 skiens of DK) 500g – £21.00 500g  total 1,750 meters

Stylecraft Cabaret DK  £4.49 per 100g 230 meters

Will need aprox 4/5 skiens lets do 5 – £22.45 5oog  1,150meters


So taking a look at just some yarns, I’ve picked ones here because they came at the top of my head. You might see that you end up paying more for different brands in a sense, but the meters is slightly higher. NOW i only compared it against one 4ply yarn. Stylecraft is DK and i believe Caron is Aran weight?

In a nutshell the scheepjes is more expensive if you compare the weight. On the label it says 215-225 gram, BUT the yardage is insane.

IF you were to make a blanket bigger your going to need to pay another £20.00 so thats a 40 odd quid expenditure – Especially if you sell your crochet, you would have to charge a heck of a lot more to make your money and time back BUT hey we are crafters people will pay for our lovely shit 😀 😀


Okay boring stuff over, its light fluffy and good to look at it. I kind of like it at the moment and i kind of hate how much i spent but i think this blanket will look damn gorgeous when it’s done.



Here is where i learnt how to do this 12 point ripple
Jayda in stitches tutorial


Happy monday! I’m off for a lay down, I keep going dizzy so i need to take a break from things. I woke up thinking I’d feel better but I really don’t


7 thoughts on “Crochet 12 point star ripple blanket”

  1. Thanks for the yarn/cost/yardage breakdown, I’m glad I’m not the only one that does things like that. I love the 12 point star blankets, they’re so pretty. Hopefully another friend will have a baby so I can make one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sometimes it has to be done lol! Yessss it’s lovely, way better than them normal looking stars. You should protest and make sure your friends get pregnant asap 😅


  2. I love Jayda in Stitches!! I’ve used her tutorials to figure out how to make lots of things! She is a bit too cheerful sometimes though – depending on what time of day and what mood I’m in when I’m watching her. You have to say though – THAT WOMAN LOVES TO CROCHET! Honestly I love crocheting but I never get that excited about it!!! LOL I would pay hundreds for your lovely hand crocheted shit Rebecca!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yessss she abit loud but I like her it didn’t take long for me to get used to her but she’s happy! I like how she goes over things and repeats when she does it rather than saying oh this is how you do it and then onto the next. LOL that fact she gets excited about it though I mean does she have a partner hahaha awwww thank you! I’d pay double for yours 😆😄😅

      Liked by 1 person

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