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Banned from the laptop

So I’m not allowed on the laptop today, but little do these people know I have WP on my phone and everything like Ebay to keep me entertained.

I’m not well, I don’t know what’s wrong.  I couldn’t get into the doctors today they were fully booked and I have to call back at 8 am tomorrow. They know my symptoms but hey ho. 

So ive been getting light headed/dizzy.  It started Sunday I think and I didn’t feel so good on the feet. I got into bed lay down but everytime I sat up the the room was spinning.  I stayed lay down til around 4am and It sort of went away.

Yesterday was the same, but it didn’t seem the be as bad just little spouts of light head and I managed to browse laptop and do things but I did keep feeling weird. 

Woke up this morning, I sat up the room was spinning I tried to walk and it was all dizzy.  I’m still currently feeling light headed so hence the reason why I’m not  allowed on the laptop

I have anxiety which is making me  worse because I’m panicking. I have a feeling that it’s my right ear or maybe congestion, or vertigo.  

I haven’t smoked for two days which I read makes your blood levels low and you can be dizzy but I was smoking Sunday so doesn’t making sense. 

Just needed to rant and talk and about it instead of filling my FB with a status.

Fuck my life some times! I haven’t felt health and normal nor happy in forever.

I might crochet a little later I have to pop out soon which I’m dreading. 

Happy tuesday folks sorry for the not so happy post lol!


7 thoughts on “Banned from the laptop”

  1. I hope you feel better soon. It sounds like when I had labyrinthitis, which makes you dizzy when you’re upright but you’re ok when you’re lying down. I hope you can see the dr tomorrow as it’s horrid being anxious because you don’t know what’s wrong. I hope your trip out was successful, and that you didn’t feel dizzy while you were out. Rest up though and try to enjoy being forced into not doing very much

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    1. Thank you! I couldn’t get an appointment again. I hate that you have to call at 8 am and fingers crossed you get soon. I feel okay today but I’m on edge incase I get dizzy 😅😅


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