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Lets get crafty! – Personalized stationary



WASSSSUP folks! I’m feeling better today, I couldn’t get into my doctors! I assumed I’d be going today because of the whole ring at 8am and shit but it was full. Even though i feel okay I still need to get seen. – I also think I am having nicotine withdrawel which is playing on my anxiety. I went out today and I kept getting anxious about being dizzy, so yeah HA!

I am keeping myself busy as i am so badly craving today but I have some fun crafty tips and things I wanted to share with you guys.


So if your like me and your starting to sell your crafts and want to be serious and make money then you will probably need some sentiments to go with your items. Business cards, labels, stickers, thank you notes the usual cute stuff.

I was searching online last night for companies that did this and I came across a few, picked one and i was adding stuff into my cart. I wanted stickers with my logo, thank you notes, order book, diary etc.
Then i stopped myself! As someone that crafts, would it not be cheaper and better to do this all myself?

So first thing I want to show you is …

This large book/design pad. It has 24 sheets that is double sided with gorgeous patterns on them. It’s called whimsical patterns, they had quite a few different ones and i liked this one the most.
It’s deffo some kind of craft card which i guess it can be used for anything from card making to scrap booking.


My photo taking is so awesome i’ve made the pictures of the patterns suck!

Tip 1 – this cost me £3.00, I am going to cut out little thank you cards and hand write them and pop them in an order.  I can make so many and i mean ALOT of these and this pad will last me a long time. I have spent half the money i would spend on 25 thank you labels or notes with my logo. (I will also touch one some logo stuff you can do yourself!)
If you think that this is too much work then think again! You aren’t a manufactured company so you won’t be rushed off your feet in a sense. It takes two minutes to make your hand made items become even more personalized. The fact that you have wrote something will make that customer come back for more.
I have spare time on my hands and if you work from home doing bitty bobby stuff during a normal working week is kind of something you tend to do.

This is also perfect stuff if you make cards and if you enjoy adding things to your life planners and scrap booking.  If your super crafty with card and paper then perhaps buying those cutters that make cute little patterns etc so they have nice edges(I might actually look into one!)


Making your own stickers

I don’t know why the picture is on it’s side i don’t care. It’s basically got plain labels on them and you can make your own stickers. I am actually going to be doing this at some point this evening or tomorrow morning and i will do a proper post on it but just touching on it for a moment.
The store I went only had a few sizes but where ever you are if you have decent stationary stores you will have more choice. I went for the 63x38mm – I have 10 sheets and 21 labels per sheet.
It says its for both inkjet & laser PRINTERS. Even comes with a thing to tell how you how you can make labels using Microsoft word but Ill be using GIMP  tool

TIP 2 – ANYWAYS. This cost me £2.50 and i can make whatever and how many i want. Again i would of spent around £2.70 for 40 stickers.  I have 21 labels per sheet making it 210 labels.
I could scale and do maybe 3 stickers per label depending what i want.
So the idea is to have some stickers that have my logo on and something that says handmade by ‘twinklehook’
Some will have my logo on and nothing else, this is all for packing purposes. So i get some tissue wrap, wrap my item and close it with a sticker or add the stickers to the postage packaging.

This is ALSO a money saving way if your AGAIN are into life planner’s and like to make your own stickers.

Pinterest has a huge amount of freebie templates for both students, teens, sticker lovers, crafters etc that you can scale and print.
All you need is literally a printer. You don’t need a special label printer just a normal printer.

I just saved myself a lot of money and these stickers will last me a long time.


Notepads, order books, etc

TIP 3 – If your at school, work in an office, love notepads and stationary (like me) run a small business then you will probably have A LOT of notepads and diaries.

I couldn’t find a diary or tbh life planner/planners where i went and I did browse the internet for some and i didn’t want to pay that price. I mean if you can afford and don’t mind spending the money go ahead.
All this that I am doing is purely for people who do have a budget like myself and do not care about putting a little effort into things.

I got one large page and small. The idea is that the large one will be my order book and it has different sections so i could probably split it into my general needs.
I aren’t bothered that its lined so plainly and doesn’t have my company logo. I plan on using pencils and colourful pens to create sections and things and sort of create my own book that has all the right components and check boxes.

Also remembering of all the freebie sticker things that you can get LOL!
This cost me £2.50 and order books can cost around £6.00 and up

The smaller book is going to be my diary. Starting with this month!
Its plainly lined inside, and i intend on making it all pretty. I have some cute colourful pens i did actually buy and will do 4 days per page rather than one day per page. This might save me some space lol!

Yup this will be time consuming but i have that time, also if you are into journals and things and can’t really afford those really posh and expensive things then get something like this and make your own. Print off your own stickers and stuff 🙂

A life planner/decent professional diary can cost around £8.00 and upwards. This cost me £1.00

I find all of this stuff fun and relaxing. So if i need a break from crocheting and life i can just do some of this 😀
I hope you like my little money saving tips, i know its mega cheap and looks tacky as hell but if you can make if your own it’s totally saving money and if your starting a small business with your crafts it kind of makes everything a little more special than having someone pro do it.

But that’s my choice. I have seen so many companies that offer custom services and are affordable. I can afford it if i wanted to, I was so damned about to checkout last night but i halved my costs because sometimes you have to budget.

Okay –
Business cards 

I don’t actually have any made but I am going to be making my own and ill also do a post on that some other time.
I looked at the basic cost of 50 business cards and it was around 8 or 10 pounds from the same little business that does the custom stuff which I dont think is a bad price.

BUT I want to save money and i like making stuff for myself. Also if you want some basic cards with your info, logo on social accounts then they are actually easy to do. Perfect for popping inside of an order or handing out at craft fayres and friends – If you want more professional then you can go online or a stationary store can print some and i believe you can get some damned good priced ones. MOO has been the coolest site I’ve found so far for business cards 🙂

My checkout cart last night was £32.00

I spent around £18.00 at my stationary store but that’s including some pens and new craft scissors and some random things like pen holder, folder etc.

(Also started decreasing my C2C blanket today YAYAYAYAYAYAY)


Have a good one folks!


10 thoughts on “Lets get crafty! – Personalized stationary”

  1. Great tips! I use that size sticker at work a lot, I didn’t think of using them for my crafty stuff. I did make labels ‘from Santa’ at Christmas so the kids didn’t twig that he has the same writing as mummy though! 😂


    1. I think its a common size! But yeah its pretty perfect for stuff – Though I have ordered some of the 1 page label so i can do different shapes and play around, plus kind of wasted half of what i had on trying to not screw it up LOL so tip fail i just spent another 3 quid. And that’s a really cute thing to do for christmas haha they can quite smart when it comes to catching parents out 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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