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Crochet moomin – amigurumi


Was up you guys, its Friday! Isn’t it funny how the weekend makes you more happier? Unless you have to work then my bad!
So just a few things to get the post rolling is it’s MAY! I did not blog yesterday because I hate Star Wars and could not deal with the may 4th jokes, like I mean this once time it was funny and it was like oh I see what you did but now i feel it’s really annoying.
Yup, I have no sense of humor. I am the ice queen.

The point of it being May is that it’s my one year anniversary from when I started to crochet and this time last year I ordered my first set of hooks after buying one hook and trying to imitate a Youtube video, failing at making a blanket and CRYING like the drama queen that i am *AND BREATHE*
So this whole month is dedicated to me learning how to crochet! I remember telling you guys that i started last year and i may of been a little off with when etc but thanks to Facebook memories  – I got this.

In other news, Day 5 and smoke free. I am not sleeping well, i didn’t sleep til around 5:00AM but i was super tired by like midnight but couldn’t sleep, i then woke up at 8:00am feeling fresh BUT i managed to go back sleep kind of got up at 11 which i needed the rest. I feel really good in regards of craving but i have a cough coming and my nose is blocked, which is a mixture of allergies. I am hungry more, so i’ll be doing a grocery shop but making sure i have mostly healthy stuff. I don’t want to smoke again but it’s been a struggle this week. It feels like it’s been a month, i cried a lot yesterday LOL and just felt weird in general within myself but i think the main with-drawel symptoms have gone.  Not sure what to expect next, i think it’s my anxiety i need to control.

So here is my moomin

Let’s take a minute to appreciate the Moomins! They are so god damn cute and in a way they are like strange looking hippos LOL. I loved this when i was a kid and i just enjoy the loveliness they represent.
I wanted to make something cute and different, also in replace of Mr Fox as he will be burnt and abused next week for my CE testing.


This was a free pattern which you can get Moomin amigurum free pattern is so awesome for free patterns, I have the app on my phone. I’m using a Samsung so not sure if it’s on Iphones I imagine so! I didn’t use the app to make this i had my laptop open, it also gives you a chance to print the PDF file. Which I am going to do. I want to get a collection of patterns printed off.

This was so easy to make, i did spend like 6 hours doing it because I was kind of watching The Designated Survivor on Netflix LOL! I took breaks also in between etc.
It says 2.5 – 3 i think for hooks, i used a 2.00MM as for some reason doing amigurumi my tension isn’t the tightest so i always go down a size.  I used white DK yarn and some safety eyes.

From head to foot it measures 10 inches down. I did not like attaching the head to the body, it was quite awkward and i think I will change this when i make another once as i plan on making  a few different colours and have them sold on my website but obviously I need to do CE testing so i can sell teddies and things.


I really love him! He’s been my favourite amigurumi i’ve ever made. Can’t wait to make more!

I’d love to see if you guys make one of these 😀 I think the pattern could be adjusted to make them bigger or smaller. I like the size the way it is though I kind of like the idea of a HUGE moomin!

That’s all for today, my computer desk has arrive so I’ve got my bedroom to sort out. I actually didn’t think it was coming today so big up to Amazon for last minute shit but also quick delivery! I have like 4 more things from Amazon I am waiting for, one big and the rest are nifty little things to use for blogging purposes and taking pictures.
It’s kind of a money saver tbh so i will do a post on that.

I also made some stickers for my website, but I have started to change my site again as i wasn’t happy so I may of wasted some sheets on current logo design and wasted some as i made a mistake in printing. All part of the learning curve. No more changing the site i am 100% happy!

What are your plans this weekend? I hope you have fun whatever you do 😀 & stay safe!


6 thoughts on “Crochet moomin – amigurumi”

  1. Well done, and keep going! *waves pompoms*
    I never much liked the moomin cartoons, but I do love the moomins themselves – they’re so cute and they look like they’d be the best huggers in the world.
    What do you have to do for CE testing? I’d like to sell some toys, but it’s the thought of what the testing might involve that’s putting me off.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😀 yessss they are so cute I just had to youtube a video and I can’t remember the voices sounding so silly 😅😅. Well you order the online kit and it gives you a list of things you need to do. So it would be setting the toy on fire, clamping it down to something and pulling etc all just safety tests. It doesn’t matter if the toy lights on fire it’s to see whether it’s flammable etc. You only need to do it once! Unless you made a toy that was made out of plastic and stuff then you’d need to get the right kit. It’s abit challenging from what I’ve heard but worth it because it covers your ass when selling.

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  2. Good job with not smoking!! Stay strong! Drink lots of chamomile tea to help you relax! That moomin is adorable – I’ve never heard of moomins – must be a UK thing. Can’t wait to see the new design for the website – I liked the old one but if it didn’t feel right to you then it wasn’t right!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I ate a whole jar of hotdogs today :/ I have just normal tea but will deffo get some chamomile. Haha they are really weird I looked it up on youtube for a bit of a throw back and they sound silly when they talk LOL – still keep it simple just changed the colour I keep getting bored of colours!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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