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Weekend wrap up – I have a mini office

Well hello my Sunday readers! Hope you all have had a fab weekend.

Since my moomin I’ve been so busy! My massive office desk came and i now have a mini office πŸ˜€ It’s in my bedroom but i automatically feels so much better. I still need to get a computer chair but I used some spare money up on the CE test kit which my friend is helping me with on Tuesday.

*Just a quick note to say that if you intend on making teddies and soft toys you need to CE test them before you can sell. This includes charity events, craft stalls etc even friends or family. You don’t want trading standards banging on your door. It’s not expensive to do it yourself and it cost me Β£25.00 for the paperwork, declaration and check list. You keep this yourself and preferably backed up on a hard drive incase you need to present these. Once i’ve done my test I will go more in depth etc and hopefully will give you some insight.
You only need to do it once per type of toy. So if you make 50 crochet teddies but it’s all using yarn and safety eyes you won’t need to test each one. Safety eyes will already be CE marked. *

My desk by the way has got a few more things on it now as i needed more trays and a few bits and it’s kind of become a place where i crochet so i have my current projects.


Friday at around 1:00am I think, (rach if your reading this, it’s about you LOL) I get a message from my friend who wants me to make her two Lalylala dolls. The picture she found was actually modded dolls but that’s the beauty of Lalylala. Once you’ve bought the base patterns you can do whatever. So i am in the process of making two that she requested. And by Tuesday once my CE test has been done they will be safe to sell. I am also pulling out my finger and going to make two more Lalylala’s – One being Bina the bear i started blogging about ages ago and the actual new pattern i am using. I will reveal these next week.

I have started to make more Hexagon’s today. It’s been a while and i bloody forgot how to do them! I kept making mistakes really was pissing me off!
I also have my diary written out tomorrow on what I should be crocheting and start to get business cards printed off and things prepared.

I’ve set a website launch date in mind but I am going to evaluate mid week and i plan on doing an online event πŸ˜€

My mum also showed people at work my moomin and now i have dozens of people wanting things, which is why I need business cards and plenty of crochet item so i can put them on my website – As a custom template but ill also have the made ones ready to sell



Saturday pissed me off. After i went yarn shopping with my mum I was waiting for my online food delivery and it came as the time i wanted. All my fresh produce was shit, it all goes out of date today. I wanted to cook a Sunday roast, but my bag of potatoes were brown and sprouting they looked horrible! Thankfully I’ve requested a refund on all of my fresh produce and now ill have to go out and get more food.

I literally spent Β£50.00 on one weeks shop – I don’t have nothing to show for it! Why is food so f*****g expensive.

Anyways, i made a Lasagne – I made my own ragu sauce and added my special ingredient. Which is a tad bit of paprika. It doesn’t make it spicy but adds this really nice taste.
I messed up the white sauce, i was feeling stressed HOT and still annoyed with my food shop. I may of not added enough flour or too much milk as it was so runny LOL
but it tasted nice as instead adding cheese into my lasagne i mixed in mature cheddar with the sauce.
It came out lovely i didn’t each much as i went past it and to be honest i was eating the mince out of the pan as it was simmering.


So right now I am on season two of Line of Duty! I can’t believe I’ve never watched this before. I literally watched Season 1 on Friday and finished last night – OBSESSED.

I got so many shows on my list :/

Anyways, I WILL catch up with people’s blog posts either later tonight when I’m chilled or tomorrow.
Hope everyone has had a great weekend πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


8 thoughts on “Weekend wrap up – I have a mini office”

  1. Wow it looks like your site is going to be busy with orders right from the get go!! You should really promote the CE safety thing – I don’t even know what that is or if there is an equivalent thing in the US. I love your home office!!! I went grocery shopping later in the evening yesterday because I was sick all day. I spend a LOT on groceries every week – but I cook and bake a lot and my hubby eats all the time!!! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It best not crash LOLOL I’ll kick off πŸ˜… yeah I think I’ll do more about it next week and will probably mention it on my personal fb. I’m not sure of your equivalent either haha. Well you can understand that with you baking alot I swear the world wants us to make our meals more and healthy shit but it costs waaaaaay more!!! Naughty husband eating haha

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You’ve been super busy, well done for getting so many customers, and thanks for the CE note, it scares me when I see so many people selling bits and I’m not entirely sure they’re tested. We shop at aldi, for 4 of us it’s about Β£60 a week and the children have monster appetites!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem! I would never of given it a thought just making stuff for friends but being in a few fb groups they get really concerned (bitchy) about it. 60 is not bad for 4! Think I need to go aldi :O

      Liked by 1 person

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