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WIP wednesday


WIP Wednesday folks! I’m trying to this star blanket done by this week so it’s out of the way. I literally have one million things to do for the website launch and that includes pre making ALOT of stuff.
I did wonder why i didn’t start the crocheting and getting a head a while back but I am kind of a last minute person. I hate planning because plans never work out – That being said, every day when I’m at my laptop ‘working’ I have a new list of to do things that i check off and if i haven’t completed some from the previous day they roll over. This has helped me say on track so far as some things that will ‘roll’ over don’t need to have as much attention until next week-ish.

Yesterday was crazy as i needed to get my CE tests done and it all passed, i just need to write my notes for my folder and upload all the pictures into a zip file & then get the CE logo and prep things for when i complete and make toys.

It’s May so it is also mental health awareness month, I am going to do a post about this on Friday as this is something close to home and i feel strongly about! It won’t be a doom and gloom post but it’s also a topic that’s not for the light hearted.

OH I’ve also added some mini pre-made stock to my list…… so i’ve got key rings to crochet and mug warmers. Just fun little things 🙂


Measures approx 20 inches in height and width, i did go down to a 3.00mm hook as this yarn is a pain so i may be able to get a little more yardage. It’s not changed much from my last picture but if you can see the green is coming through slowly, i have done more rounds since that picture and the green is more obvious. Like i said this yarn is a gradual colour change and so it’s quite a nice ombre effect. I WANT THIS THING DONE ALREADY!!

Everything i make from now on will be photographed, washed and put in some cellophane bags for storage.


Happy wednesday! Pizza for me tonight as i cannot be arsed to cook.
What do you all have on your hooks you cheeky little hookers LOL.



8 thoughts on “WIP wednesday”

  1. I loooove that star blanket! Gradual colour changes are the best.
    Right now I’ve got a mahoosive chevron blanket on one hook, and a fiddly cotton yarn kindle cover on another. Oh and my Love Knot scarf on a third. Soon I will start finishing things off. SOON!

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    1. Oh yes I’ve seen your insta posts I can’t keep up as my feed shows me stuff from days ago? I like the Chevron but never done a huge blanket with that pattern. Here’s to hoping you get sh*t done 😅


  2. Isn’t it wonderful to be your own boss! I am hand sewing patches onto hubby’s gi pants! They were too thick for my little tiny sewing machine to handle – so I sew! I did work on my son’s wizard hat for a bit this morning, he’s coming to dinner tonight – chili and coconut custard pie – I want to see how big around his head is before I get too far. Happy Wednesday to you too!! 😀

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    1. It’s wonderful but stressful LOL. Oooo can’t beat hand sewing, I’ve not used a sewing machine for years! Didn’t take you long to do them patches though :O – ooooo chilli im making that Saturda, yacky coconut LOL. Custard though yum. Totally forgot you had the wizards hat to do haha

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      1. I finished crocheting the actual patches on Monday – I fiddled and failed with the sewing machine last night, so I need to get them on there tonight because he wants to wear the gi that these pants go with to Jiu Jistu tonight. 😦

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