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WIP Wednesday – Making progress yay!



Firstly, i can’t remember if i showed you my business cards LOL but yeah here’s a picture of them. That’s the front, on the back i have my social links and blog.

Happy WIP Wednesday, I am recovering from having to frog the bloody star blanket and I’ve been crocheting like mad to get it done. It WILL be done by tonight I don’t have much yarn left and it’s looking very promising.
With that I have a Lalylala almost done – Not the two I’m making for a friend as i need to get my website stuff and everything important done first because I only have until the 26th LOL FUCK!


I got this right!? So i will be continuing with the doll tomorrow and get that finished and also IF I have finished star blanket tonight I will also continue the fluffy soft blanket i started.
AND IF i stick to schedule, this weekend should be quite relaxed and i can crack on with making more hexagons.
I had some set backs this week so it’s kind of put me on a halt.


This is what the star blanket looked like around 4 hours ago – I took a break and then did about an hour more of it so it’s grown now and the pink is transitioning nicely into a purple pink an then the next colour after which is the final is PURPLE. YESSSSSSS
I’ve been naughty and ordered another one even though i totally bitched about the price and how much of a pain it’s been to work with but I kind of love the shades.
But once it comes I’m putting it away for a while as i don’t need to start anymore WIPS.

That being said, I also ordered some cotton LOL – and my T shirt yarn came the other day so i’d like to try making some basket things over the weekend.

I will do it, if things don’t get crazy.


in other news

Well as you know May this year is my one year crochet anniversary – This time last year i started a C2C – SEE ABOVE PICTURE.
I am pretty sure this was the moment i decided i hated c2c and would never do it again. Hence why that piece is actually now a half blanket and it’s somewhere with cat hair as i use it to wrap my cat up when i trim his nails or it goes into the pet carrier when he goes to the vets. YEAH that’s what i thought of you C2C

Funny isn’t is how a month ago i started another C2C blanket with that lush yarn and I actually kind of love the stitch lol! I haven’t finished that blanket but because it’s so big I am thinking every now and again i’ll continue it as i think it’s going to be my big winter blanket. But i would like to finish it sooner and use the yarn to make room for more yarn.


SO that’s it for WIP Wednesday, i literally feel like napping. I am so tired this week :/ trying my hardest to pull my shit together but man i need a good ass sleep.
The cat is also going through his phase again of mewing all night so I am not sleeping til 4 am and urgh.
Give it a few more weeks he will as good as gold and sleep all night, i literally wonder if he is a baby in disguise.

What’s on your hooks, needles, paper etc today?


13 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Making progress yay!”

  1. You always make me dizzy with the amount of projects you have! I don’t know how you do it. A tip on business cards: I design them in a photo editor (I use Paint Shop Pro) but Canva is free online and would work too. Then I send it over to one hour photo as wallets. I get a ton of cheap business cards on pretty glossy paper and they look terrific.

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    1. Hahaha! I make myself dizzy it’s mental right now. I’m already thinking of a new project :/ fml. Wow thanks for that never would of thought of doing it that way! Great tip 😀 have a good weekend x

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  2. Love the business cards!!! You DO got this!!! Happy Crochet-versary month! My goodness! look how far you’ve come in just a year??? That’s amazing!!!!! You need to bake yourself a big fat chocolate cheesecake this weekend! The yarn you’re using for that star blanket looks like it was made just for that pattern – its gorgeous and the colors are developing so nice! Pat yourself on the back, take a nap, then crochet your ass off girl! 😀

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    1. Thanks! They weren’t that expensive even though i was going to print my own but this is the only thing i’ve kinda bought promotion wise. LOL yeh that shitty c2c makes me cringe hahaha. Deffo going to do that chocolate cheesecake 😀 my belly is crying for it. Thank you so much! i didnt nap but i just chilled. OH i feel deprived that i haven’t seen your mandala in forever gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl

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      1. I haven’t worked on it in a few weeks. I want to but then something else will distract me. LOL I think I’m going to work on it this weekend. 😀

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