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This weekend i am taking it easy which i shouldn’t because i have A LOT to do but i am tired and i am enjoying relaxing. Netflix has got lots of new shows πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

So i was playing around with the idea of doing the moss/linen stitch. I was going to make a baby blanket but as beautiful as this stitch is…. It’s boring and slow. It’s the SC and i mean yeah it’s the most easiest thing to do but bleugh. Plus EVERYONE well not everyone is kind of jumping on this bandwagon. SO i thought about playing around with some stitches.

By the way i am using U.S terminology as i learnt crochet in mostly u.s terms and that’s what i am used to.Β 

The first picture on the left (red yarn) is a mixture of DC and HDC – I chained whatever i wanted so you don’t need to worry about even or odds and i worked a HDC in each stitch starting from the second chain.
I then chained 2 – Now depending on how you lot like to crochet and use the turning chains etc i prefer if possible to us a ch2 and NOT count that as a stitch. Chaining 2 doesn’t really add much height so i kind of don’t see the point in using that as a stitch.
So i chained my 2 and it will always remain a none stitch. I then worked DC in the spaces NOT the stitch… So you have [] – [] – [] Β  Β  Β – Β [] Them being the spaces LOL.
I then worked a DC in the top chain at the end to keep the edges straight.
Chained 2 turn, and starting in the first stitch i went all the way in each STITCH this time in the back loops doing HDC –
Now the reason i chose to do HDC for my back loop stitch is because i wanted a tight ridged look. rather than the stitch being gappy and raised i wanted it so the stitch was more un-noticeable if that makes sense.

For the picture on the right (yellow tone yarn) I kind of took the moss/linen stitch concept and used HDC – YUP this is the go to stitch lol.
I chained an even amount of chains and did second chain from the hook, HDC chain 1, skip a stitch, hdc chain 1, skip a stitch. – The same concept as moss it’s sc ch1, skip etc.
I then chained 1 and turned (It would work with a ch2) Β Not counting the ch1 as a stitch i then did HDC in the spaces like you do on the moss and chained 1

So HDC, ch1 HDC ch1 and that’s what you would continue to do in the spaces.
And it kind of gives this cool checkered effect now my edges don’t looks straight and i think that’s because i was crocheting tightly on the last stitch of each row but i was working a stitch in the top stitch at the end being the ch1 which is what the moss stitch also does.
I aren’t too worried that it doesn’t look straight as i was messing around but i actually like how it looks.


I was actually after a really close up tight stitch last night but i am feeling both of the things i played around with. I think the yellow one is ideal for a summer blanket as it’s holey and has more freedom.

I am in no way claiming this as my own. I was simply messing around with stitches and if this already exists like someone else doing it or it’s actually already got its own name then i am sorry. – Just thought i would mention that as people seem to claim anything these days. #HashYehISaidIt



So i am making meat and potato pie today. I was going to make a cheesecake but my boyfriend hates it so i bought a cheesecake and ate it all erm LOL….

I made shortcrust pastry, it’s buttery and lush. Flour, butter, butter. It’s literally the cheapest thing you will ever make lol! It’s currently resting in my fridge.
I bought baby potatoes and already cooked them by boiling. I washed them and sliced them up leaving the skin on for a hearty taste.. & That’s it so far. I will post about it tomorrow lol i mean i think it’s the easiest pie ever.
I am adding onion and obviously beef BUT i am actually adding carrots because i have a shit load of them and they need eating.


That’s all from me, i hope you all have a awesome weekend. It’s saturday which means Tami will be posting on her other blog. She has a theme with scary and paranormal stories and they are always super fun to read and also recipes and anything random. So if you guys have some time to spare go check outΒ tamiΒ and her other blog. ALSO get in touch with her as she is always looking for scary stories…

Here is her main blogΒ Tami main

Bit of free promotion for you LOLOLOL.

Chow for now ❀


15 thoughts on “Crochet & cooking”

  1. They’re both really pretty stitches πŸ™‚
    I never make my own pastry – I always have cold hands right until the second I start trying to make pastry, then they’re suddenly hotter than the sun and it all goes wrong. Ready-made is just fine for me!

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  2. Yaaaaay Scary Saturday!!! I’m not sure what I’m going to post yet. Do you have any Spirit Guardian stories Rebecca? You better post about that meat and potato pie tomorrow! I make chicken pot pie a lot but have never done a beef one! I like the way that stitch pattern looks. I really don’t care if it does exist already I’m going to call it the Becky Stitch. πŸ˜€

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    1. I think you should post about that f***** up doll annabelle LOL!!! Is it really haunted or all lies :O I’ve only ever had them two things i told you about i don’t know if I’ve had anything else happen to me. Shall i play with a Ouija board and get it to all kick off πŸ˜€ MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM pot pie!! My pie is looking fucked up not going to lie.. I dont usually make pies 😐 Hahahaha you tryna get a law suit on my ass

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The Warren’s lived right here in Connecticut. Not really near me though, a few hours drive away. I saw a documentary where Lorraine Warren said that when she was working on the Annabelle case was the only time she was truly terrified! I have a few more stories of my own but I’m bored with my stories I want to hear everyone elses!

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